One Color Custom T-Shirt Design – Sometimes Simple is Best

If you had to pick just one color to represent your business, what you would it be? A bright color? A serious, restrained color? If you are screen printing a t-shirt design to represent your business, the color you pick matters as much as the artwork.

We love to create spectacular multi-colored designs, but you can still make a big impression with a single color design. How do you know when one color is best? Here are some guidelines to help you.

Your logo is simple or abstract

Ifcommonwealth already have a logo in more than one color, you might have branding standards that cover printing a single color or grayscale. Most logo designers take into consideration printing the logo in a single color and keeping it recognizable. Talk to our artists and show them your artwork. Our team has the experience in creating memorable designs with just one color.

Make your t-shirt design pop

Contrast between a light color and dark shirt, or vice versa, increases visibility. Want your logo to stand out in a crowd? White or light colored inks are more visible when printed on darker fabrics. We carry a wide selection of quality T-shirts to print. We are happy to help you find a match between your design and the shirts for printing.

Easy to read text

You want to focus on a trusted business slogan in your design. One color designs make text stand out. Some artists create text-only designs for this reason. Recent trends in logo design favor hand-crafted text over traditional artwork and use one color.tdskull

You already print color shirts

You have a batch of shirts with a multi-color image. Creating a set with one color adds another choice for your customers. Offering more than just one style can improve your t-shirt sales.

Simplicity is part of your business

Not too long ago, Apple Computer went from a color logo featuring multi-colored stripes to a one-color logo. They also changed their name to just Apple. This change was part of their brand message. They create products that are simple to use, and their logo reflects that. If your logo is a trusted, recognizable image, printing it in one-color can communicate that.

Have questions about creating a t-shirt design? Talk to us! We are happy to introduce you to our artists and discover how we can help you.

Need a t-shirt design? Call 1-800-899-5416 and talk to our sales and design team. Or send us a message.


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