Direct To Garment (DTG) Printing

Need T-Shirts Fast? Get Quick Printing With High Quality

Direct to Garment printing offers speedy service for big or small orders and photo-realistic images.
DTG also makes rush jobs easy.

How Direct To Garment Printing Works

Direct to Garment printers are similar to desktop inkjet printers. The DTG printer applies ink onto the fabric to create a design. If you can design it on a computer, you can print it on a shirt or other fabric using DTG. Our printers can also create photo-realistic images that go beyond traditional screen printing. Our designers can show you how!

Direct To Garment Printer Screen
Direct To Garment Printer Rush T-Shirt Order

Benefits of DTG Printing

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    Rich Colors and Durable Images

    Direct to Garment printed shirts are just as colorful and washable as regular screen printed shirts. You don’t sacrifice quality for speed.

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    Photo-Realistic Image Quality

    Need a photo printed on a shirt? DTG can print high-quality images on shirts other garments. Perfect for family reunions and company parties.

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    Speedy Printing For Rush Orders

    Need a rush order for T-shirts? Direct to Garment printing offers speedy service for big or small orders. Our facility and printing team can handle tight deadlines.

Our DTG Printers

We have two Brother DTG printers in our facility and dedicated staff of professionals ready to handle any order.
Need T-shirts fast? Our DTG machines can take care of the job!

DTG Printers at MSP Design Group
Ready to Print T-Shirt at MSP Design Group with DTG

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