Choosing Embroidered Items – More Than Just Custom Hats and Shirts

When you think of embroidered items, what comes to mind? What items can you embroider? Embroidered hats and shirts are the most obvious choices. Professional sports teams and schools use embroidered hats. Businesses, retail stores, and restaurants use embroidered shirts for their staff.  Employees love embroidered shirts for their comfort and because they are less formal than uniforms.

But embroidered items go far beyond just shirts and hats. Here are few items you can have embroidered used by schools, businesses or anyone who needs a personalized item.


The biggest customers for embroidered jackets are often schools, but they also are ideal for your employees in the winter months. If your staff spend a considerable portion of their time outside, keep them warm by wearing your company band. You can supply your entire team with embroidered jackets for a modest cost.


Students use backpacks, but employees can use them an alternative to a handheld bag or briefcase. Backpacks make an economical choice for displaying your company brand on a durable item. Customers will find uses for them as well. If they don’t use it for themselves, their kids could always use one.

Chef Jackets

Everything a restaurant presents has to look professional. Everyone one on your staff must look their best, but especially the chef. Compared the price of decor and specialty ingredients, an order of embroidered chef jackets is a modest investment but goes a long way in showing your customers (and food critics) that you are serious about your work. Anything you can provide your restaurant staff to make them look their best will pay off.


An elegant set of towels is sure to get used in any household and make a unique gift to valued customers or employees. Quality towels are also a modest investment for a good impression.

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