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Printed Promotional Items For Your Business – More Than Just Can Coolers

When you think of screen printing, the first thing that probably comes tp mind is t-shirts and other garments. You’re right! Businesses get their artwork printed on T-shirts and other garments, but your logo belongs on more than just custom tees.

MSP Design group has years of experience printing promotional items. Our customers ask for the old favorites, like drink koozies and pens, but don’t forget the hundreds of items available for printing and reaching new customers or share with your employees.

Here are just a few of our favorites.


A pair of new shades can be expensive. You probably have that one pair you wear to look sharp. Then there is that second pair for outdoor adventures, where they can get dirty and scratched. We can put your logo on sunglasses that are rugged and attractive, yet modestly priced. They also have the advantage of being at eye level when worn so people can see your logo.

Bottle Openers

Can coolers are perfect for summer picnics, but bottle openers attach to your keychain and go anywhere year round. They are also durable and come in a variety of colors. Due to their reasonable cost, its easy to hand out bottle openers in large numbers. They are a durable item and get used for years.

BBQ Accessories

The cost for customizing a high quality BBQ accessory set is low, but it is a durable item. A set of quality BBQ items can be given to valued employees or a gift to a special client. Cookouts are social events. Branded items stand a better chance getting noticed.

Beach Balls

You’re not likely using beach balls in the office, but kids love them! Offering an item that keeps kids busy for a low cost is a good investment. Beach balls also get take on vacation and on weekend beach trips. A fun item that gets high visibility when being used is a winner.

Pet Items

Your customers and employees almost certainly own pets. Pet supplies and toys bring in millions in sales, but they need frequent replacement due to wear and tear. Offer your customers and employees branded chew toys and pet treats for a unique and memorable gift.

Beach Towels

Everyone uses beach towels! They go to the beach, to the pool, and anywhere there is vacation fun! Look around any beach on a sunny day and you will see bright and colorful towels with logos . Towels make durable gifts and get used for years. Busy families always need one more towel, especially with kids.

This is just a sampling of the promotional products offered by MSP Design Group. Do you need an item you would like your logo to appear on? Let us know! Our team of experts would be happy to help you!


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