Screen Printing for Construction Crews – Safety and Brand Visibility

If you own a construction or paving business in the Hampton Roads area, you already know that safety gear is one thing you can not compromise on.

Drive past any work site and you’ll see workers in safety gear, such as work vests or hardhats. This gear is required to protect workers, but it can also be used by construction companies to get more visibility for the services they offer. Our graphic artists team at MSP design group can help you pick the right design for your safety gear.

Most likely, your workers will be working in environment where they can be seen from the street by the general public and potential customers. Your safety gear is part of your professional image and may also help advertise your business to those looking for your services.

When you think of screen printing, custom T-shirts is probably the first thing that comes to mind, but screen printing is more than apparel. We can screen print on almost anything that is used by your employees. If you are in the road construction or construction business, we have access to a choice of uniforms and safety gear that we can print on. Our team can walk you through list of different manufacturers and products to find the right fit for your needs.

We also can help you design your logo for your construction business if you don’t have one. Our artists can design you a logo for use on safety gear, T-shirts or a whole host of promotional products.

Of course, safety gear is designed to protect your workers. We will help you pick a design for maximum visibility on your safety apparel, but not to interfere with its purpose. One concern we frequently hear about is that safety vests come with reflective tape to make workers visible in low-light environments. When printing art on this type of product, it is crucial that this tape is not damaged or altered. We can print your gear in a way to make sure all the safety features are protected.

Hard working roads crews and construction workers need more than just safety gear on the job, they need comfortable shirts and hats to take the edge off hot weather. To help your crew cool down, MSP carries polo shirts and T-shirts featuring moisture wicking: fabric that allows heat and moisture to escape the shirt and circulates air to cool your crew down. Most construction crews need to keep working, rain or shine. To keep the rain off your busy team on stormy days, MSP can print your logo on rain ponchos and and jackets.

When you equip your team with printed safety gear, you can present a professional image, protect your workers and reach new customers. Let our team at MSP Design Group show you how.

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