Why Musicians Need Screen Printing and Marketing Services

So, you started a music group. You and your friends started playing in your garage or living room and moved up to playing local clubs or even going on tour. You have fans now who aren’t your mother. After all the time and sweat you’ve invested in your music, you want to get a record deal and get out there big time.

Unless you were lucky enough to get discovered by a magical talent scout and rocketed to superstardom, it’s going to be up to you to be the accountant, manager, and marketer for your music career.

For professional musicians, t-shirts are an easy way to get your name out there and generate revenue for yourself, but you need to make sure you aren’t insulting your fans with a low-quality product. You might be tempted just to slap together a logo for your group, order a run of cheap shirts and sell them at your shows. After all the effort you put into learning how to play or sing, don’t short change yourself and your image with lousy shirts.

You need more than just a quality t-shirt company. You need a marketing partner who understands your goals and your needs. That’s where we come in. MSP can do more than just help you design a t-shirt we go beyond that. Here are some of the ways MSP Design Group can help.

Branded shirts are another source of income

Even when you hit the big time, you can’t count on your album sales to be your primary means of support. Not in the era of streaming music! Even established music groups depend on t-shirt and merchandise sales to generate revenue they need to keep on playing. When was the last time you went to a concert, and there wasn’t a line to buy t-shirts and merchandise? Why would you pass up such an opportunity? With the advances in graphics and screen printing technology, your shirts and items can look just sharp as those sold by big stars who draw the crowds at big arena shows. This is your chance to look good to loyal fans and those who are new to your music.

You owe it to your fans

A good shirt means you respect your fans and their support. Your fans could go anywhere on a Saturday night, but they came to see you play. Show them that you appreciate them and give them quality shirts and merchandise so they can remember you.

You need a reliable partner who can deliver on time.

What happens if you are supposed to play a show and you are three hours late? It means big trouble and headaches for you! You’ve probably heard of music stars who skip out on big concerts. Their reputations start to wither as the fans go elsewhere. It is the same for the businesses you trust. If you need a big run of t-shirts delivered on time and budget, you need a company like MSP Design Group. We have the expertise and talent to bring your design ideas to life. You need talented artists to design a shirt for you that get’s you. We are music fans and we will work with you to make a great shirt. We aren’t satisfied till we hit the mark with your design idea and ship it out to you.

We can work with anyone, anywhere.

MSP Design Group is located in Norfolk, Virginia, but geography doesn’t limit us. In the digital era, we work with businesses and organizations around the globe. If you are in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area, Austin, Texas, Los Angeles, California, or on the other side of the planet, contact us and put us to work for you. If you can send an email or make a phone call, we can help you!

You can put you band’s name on anything.

Music merchandise is more than just t-shirts. We can print on just about anything! Once we have your artwork in a digital form, it’s easy to put it on keychains, koozies, shot glasses. Anything! We also do embroidery for hats, jackets, and duffel bags. With MSP Design Group as your partner, we can turn your music group into the beginning of your entertainment empire.

We can help you sell merchandise online

You want to sell your new shirts and merchandise online, but you don’t have the web skills or the time to build an ecommerce site. We have you covered! Our team includes web professionals who can create a slick and functional website to sell your stuff. We can manage it, optimize it and make it simple for you to generate income from online sales.

We won’t break your budget

MSP Design Group works with businesses and organizations of all sizes. We offer competitive prices for the level of service we provide. You will also save time and sweat with us as your marketing partner. Trying to track down and manage so many different services can be costly. With our integrated services, we can save you time as well as money, not to mention all the worry and frustration that can come with trying to keep track of all the work.

You need to think about the future. What if you go big?

Success might come to your music career sooner than you think. Will you be ready if you get a hit song, or your name goes viral on social media? Not being ready can cost you big money. You have already invested time in your talent. You deserve to work with a partner that has your back with your screen printed merchandise and marketing so that you can focus on your music. Are you ready for the big time? Call us and let’s get started!

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