Teachers are the heart and backbone of any school. The work they put in as they shape future generations is long and often exhausting. With the right branded items for teachers, you can show your appreciation while instilling extra school spirit! Here are a few great ideas to show them you care with thoughtfully branded solutions bearing the school name or logo.

1. Tote bags

When looking for the right branded items for teachers, tote bags are a must-have option. Teachers carry a lot of stuff from day to day such as books, papers, pens, grade books, and all the other odds and ends needed to get through the day. With a quality tote bag, they can keep all their stuff ready to go and organized while also showing off school spirit.

2. Notebooks and notepads

Teachers can never have too many notebooks or notepads. With a branded option, give them a way to keep all their notes handy without worry. These can be simple and basic or something a bit nicer with a leather touch as an incentive. Either way, teachers always love having plenty of notebooks and pads on hand.

3. Pens and markers

Teachers do a lot of writing and marking so a branded set of pens or markers is a great choice. These items are easy to customize and help make their day easier. From a nice set of pens to celebrate a special work occasion to highlighters for grading papers, there is a way to add this branded gear to their day and show your appreciation for all they do.

4. Flash Drives

One of the best branded items for teachers is a reliable flash drive. A USB can be an invaluable thing for the teacher in the digital age. They can use it to keep track of records, grades, and other pertinent information without carrying a bunch of papers with them. Best of all, there are tons of cute options and colors to help make this a fun and functional gift they are sure to love.

5. Desk Planner

A desk planner is a great way to give a teacher something useful with a branded touch. This is great for keeping track of important dates and information without rifling through a bunch of different papers. There are desk planners that are weekly, monthly, or both so you can find an option best suited to the life of a teacher. This is a great way to show your appreciation while giving them something truly useful to their teaching day.

6. Stress ball

Teachers are always a little bit stressed. A branded stress ball is a great way to let them blow off some steam in a healthy way. Stress balls come in a range of options in terms of colors and sometimes they aren’t even balls but rather cute little animals. This is a fun thing to give teachers to show you appreciate all they do day in and day out.

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