The holiday season is the busiest time of the year, with millions getting their Christmas plans and gifts in order before December 25th. This presents the perfect opportunity to get your brand out in front of your existing customers, potential ones, employees, and those you share business partnerships with. Whether you’re sending out company gifts, offering branded products for sale for the holidays, or a mixture of both, getting in on the immense value of holiday branding can pay huge dividends in the future. Here are a few categories to consider delving into as you prepare for the end of the year festivities.

1. Holiday Food Gifts

Branding holiday gift baskets is an easy and fun way to offer value to customers while also reminding them of your company. They’re also wonderful to gift to employees to show your gratitude for a year of hard work. Typical baskets include charcuterie, chocolate covered nut assortments, cookies, small champagne gift boxes, advents calendars, and more. Depending on which options you choose, you can include special holiday messages and your brand name on the packaging for a special touch. We offer a great selection of food baskets and sets, so be sure to browse through our collection to find the best option for your holiday campaign.

2. Luxury Items

You may wish to brand very high-quality items for your employees, largest supporters, business partners, or for your company store. At MSP Design Group, you can select options from our Executive Gifts collection like glass coffee presses, North Face jackets, wireless headphones, 12-month planners, watches, spirit glasses, and more. Featuring the best quality items, this category is reserved for those who wish to gift exclusive, top of the line company items. Branding items like these is a unique and thoughtful way to connect with your recipients and/or customers. These items are useful beyond the holidays, so your brand will stay in their minds as they use them.

3. Economical items

For more budget-friendly branding opportunities, you can also derive much value out of lower-cost items. Have your company name and logo skillfully printed on polo shirts, candles, coffee mugs, travel bags, small backpacks, hats, glasses, and more. When paired with holiday messaging, these items offer an equivalent amount of value as our higher cost holiday gift items.

4. Gift Sets

Branding holiday gift sets provide recipients/customers with several different items at once. From food and spirit sets to fitness and relaxation options, you can find gift sets that can really speak to your brand identity and the community you foster. Sets allow you to brand more than one item, so you can maximize your presence on items your recipients or customers will love.

There are many benefits to creating a holiday branding campaign, some of which include brand exposure, recall to past customers, and relationship growth with existing customers and/or employees. The holiday season is an opportunity to thank those who have supported and contributed to your company. Let us help you create the perfect holiday campaign this year. Give us a call at 1-833-978-0076 to get started!