Tired of your worn travel mug and looking for a way to fit some cool new branded drinkware into your marketing budget? Search no more.  Here are the 6 marketing results that you can expect from making the investment into branded mugs, tumblers, water bottles, and more for your clients and employees.

1. High ad visibility. Branded drinkware is used two to three times a week or more, meaning that your brand and services stay at top of mind for your customers.

2. Communicating brand identity. Is your company eco-conscious? Or maybe you are high-tech firm focused on corporate efficiency. Either way, we’ve got a cup for that. Our team of branding experts can help you choose the perfect item to communicate your brand value, from mugs made from recycled materials to water bottles engineered to keep drinks colder longer.

3. Expanding your network. The primary reason why reusable drinkware is so, well, useable, is that they are easy to take on-the-go. That means your brand is being advertised at the user’s office, home, gym, or social engagements.

4. Targeting a lookalike audience. Each time your customer brings your logo tumbler to a different location, a new audience is exposed to your brand. People who frequent the same gyms, restaurants, clubs and shops statistically tend to share a similar geographic territory, socio-economic status, and personal preferences, meaning that your brand is seen by buyers who match a similar profile to your current clients.

5. The gift that keeps on giving. Coffee mugs can be used as gifts for new employees to increase retention or in gift baskets to vendors to ensure that tight deadline is met without a hitch next year. They also make for an impressive set up when a client comes in for a meeting, increasing your brand value in their mind. Using branded drinkware across multiple initiatives allows you to place a higher volume order, driving down costs and allowing accounting to recognize the expense across the fiscal year.

6. Targeting the next generation of clients. Consumers under 35 own more drinkware than any previous generation. With typically eco-conscious mindsets and a preference for recognizable start reaching the new batch of clients coming up the ladder.

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Published On: January 20th, 2020 / Categories: News & Events /