Promotional Logistics

All marketers are short on two things: hands and time. Don’t let administrative logistics prevent you from achieving your organizational goals.

promotional logistics

Large-Scale Marketing Made Possible

Promotional logistics makes it possible for your company to offer brand-standardized products on a global scale. It can help your company expand its reach and compete more effectively with other brands in the global marketplace, establishing a strong and consistent presence worldwide. 

With a well-designed promotional logistics system, your company can better control costs, reduce waste, and improve overall efficiency, ultimately increasing profitability and customer satisfaction. Reach out to us if you want to learn how our logistics solutions can help streamline your supply chain, control costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Promotional logistics programs enable companies to offer consistent, brand-standardized products on a global level. These programs may include:

  • Retail sales programs

  • Employee webstores

  • Multi-location supply programs
  • Fundraising initiatives

How it Works

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Our merchandise sites have a
7% higher check-out rate
than the e-commerce industry average.
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What can MSP Promotional Logistics do for your business?

  • Reduce admin time spent managing programs

  • Increase efficiency through vendor consolidation

  • Improve quality control with one program location

  • Improve customer service with more support

  • Increase brand integrity by making it easy

  • Grow revenue through an excellent customer experience

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