hand holding a key with a home shaped key chain

When you are in the real estate business it’s necessary for you to have the proper branding and marketing tools to get your name out there in the world, especially if you are just getting started on your real estate journey. In many cases, it’s all about who you know, and this is especially true if you are a realtor. Because we know the importance of this, we have a great selection of branded items for realtors. Find one that works for your style!

Branded Items for Realtors

  • Postcards. While it may seem like email is better, with so many people having to deal with junk mail in their spam boxes, direct mail is a wonderful way to capture attention, especially of those who are selling their home by owner or may be looking to move into their dream house. Sending a postcard is a wonderful way to ensure that they get your information and can contact you if they are interested in representation.
  • Spare key holders. This is a fun item because it is house themed while also giving your potential clients your information whenever they may need it. This is something they can take with them when they move or even as a nice welcome to your new home gift if they are already your client. This will allow them to pass your information on to others and will make a wonderful impression on them.
  • Coasters. These are especially good to give to current and potential clients as they will be used when there is company, which will automatically expand your reach. There are also restaurants that will allow you to put coasters out that they will use in their restaurant, thus expanding your reach even further.
  • Folders. These are necessary for your clients to hold all their information on the different houses they are viewing, as well as to hold different contracts that you may have with them. Having a personalized folder is another great option for getting your name out there as you can drop off information packets at houses.
  • Calendars. This is great for your future clients to put their moving date and mark all special occasions, such as signing their contract with you to sell their house!
Published On: February 28th, 2020 / Categories: News & Events /