dog running with a tennis ball

There are many different events that you may want to spread the word about your pet related business and to do so you’ll need items that pet lovers will actually use. Let’s face it, pet lovers are on another level with the dedication to their animal, so it’s important to know what branded items for pet lovers will work best for spreading the word about your company. Depending on the event you are at, whether it is an adoption fair or simply set up at a dog park to spread the message of your new pet supply store that just opened, there are branded items that pet lovers will absolutely use, helping to spread your company even farther.

These are all great branded items for dog lovers:

  • Branded tennis balls. You can choose several fun colors to put your logo on and you can easily hand these out at a dog park or adoption event to those who take home a special new member of the family. This will be a great treat for the dog, and you’ll ensure that the owner is seeing your logo many times, which will help them remember your store when it comes time to go shopping for pet supplies.
  • Collapsible pet bowls. Everyone knows how important it is to ensure their dogs are hydrated throughout the day even when they aren’t at their home. Any dog owner who is at a park or event with their pup could use a collapsible pet bowl. This is a wonderful giveaway item that can be set up in any location, offering others the chance to see your logo as well.
  • Doggie bandanas. If you own a dog grooming company, this is a wonderful option to give your furry customers after they come to you for their spa treatments. They’ll smell great, and the owners will likely leave the bandana on for days while they take their fresh pup out to the park, shopping, restaurants, and more.

Branded items for cat lovers:

  • Pet food scoop. This is a great option for any cat owners because all animals need to eat, and this will help them to keep their cat’s food nice and organized, while also being a constant reminder of where to shop when their food is running low.
  • Cat treats in a bag. What a wonderful way to help a family celebrate their newest furry family member. Any transition like that can be difficult for the cat and for the humans, so offering the new owners cat treats with a heart magnet is a wonderful way to show you care about the animals and keep your brand in their home.
Published On: February 21st, 2020 / Categories: News & Events /