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When deciding on items to gift your employees, there are hundreds of options out there that can make your decision tough. You may have a specific budget in mind, or, plan to choose a very nice gift for your staff for the holidays. Whatever the occasion is or your budget, there are items that your employees will love. We aren’t talking notepads or paperweights here, either. The best gifts are ones that your staff will be able to use in their everyday life, not just at the office. Make your gift to them truly special and memorable with items that make it clear you put thought into it! Here are 7 excellent ideas for company-branded items to give to your staff.

1. Company Jackets

High-quality custom jackets can be a very practical and welcome gift for your staff. During the fall and winter, cold temperatures naturally call for heavier clothing. With a North End, Under Armour, Core 365, Port Authority, Columbia, or other jacket brand, your staff can sport the company logo while keeping warm in and out of the office. You can select a lightweight performance jacket or heavier options from brands like Carhartt and The North Face.

2. Stainless Steel Drinkware

While glassware is a traditional option to gift employees, it’s not travel-friendly. While great to have at home, glass has limitations that stainless steel drinkware does not. This material can handle falls off the desk or in the car with no issue. It’s better suited for the busy lives of your staff, especially if they lead active lifestyles or have kids. You can opt for tumblers or water bottles, or branch out and select mugs, canteens, Moscow Mule mugs, and more. We carry a wide range of stainless steel drinkware options that are fully customizable.

3. Company Holiday Ornaments

Commemorate the year with a keepsake ornament that your staff can hang from their Christmas trees. From classic round ornaments to diamond-shaped glass options, you can find the right style to represent the company. Have the company name, year, a holiday message, and other memorable information on the ornaments. Your employees will love having these year after year, especially if you begin an ornament tradition.

4. Wireless Speakers

Wireless speakers can be used anywhere, from private offices to tailgates, and vacations to around the house. Everyone loves music, so why not capitalize on that with a quality wireless speaker? You can find a great assortment of Bluetooth speakers here at MSP Design to easily match your budget limit. There are small, portable speakers in our inventory as well as larger, more advanced options. All can be custom printed with the company name and/or logo to make the speakers even more special.

5. Company Backpack/Messenger Bag

A reliable backpack or messenger bag may be just what your staff needs! With these, they’ll be able to carry their work laptop, accessories, portfolios, files, and many other items all in one convenient work-designated bag. We offer small drawstring bags and larger North Face and Field & Co. packs. For messenger bags, you can choose from name brands your employees know and trust like Cutter & Buck and Texas Canyon. With dozens of bag options, the best style to suit the typical demands of your company is easily found.

6. Folding Chairs

No garage is complete without a few folding chairs, the easiest and most convenient seating option for tailgates, outdoor parties, vacations, and other outdoor occasions. A company-branded chair will be a great gift since it allows the recipient to seat more people at their personal functions. They’re functional and ever useful for anyone during the warmer months of the year. These will get the staff excited!

7. Staff Appreciation/Milestone Awards

Unlike the rest of our suggestions here, staff awards are an essential that you should have to foster community in the office. If a particular team earns a large account, a staff member hits 20 years, or the company had its biggest year to date, gifting your employees with awards shows that you appreciate and acknowledge their contributions to your company. When customized with their name, the date, and the specific reason for the award, it makes the gift a memory they’ll never forget. There is no doubt that your staff will love awards like our glass, crystal, and acrylic options.

These 7 suggestions should help give you a better idea of what you’d like to do for your staff this year or the next. With company branding and personalized details, your employees will value whatever you choose.

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