Embroidery Machine

When you choose an embroidery design for a shirt, you probably chose it because of its superior appearance and enjoyable texture. If you have chosen this style, you want to make sure it lasts for years of enjoyment. Here are a few tips on embroidery care to help you do just that!

1. Choose high-quality embroidery

While the right embroidery care is important, you should make sure you choose high-quality embroidery in the first place. A poor quality in terms of thread, dyes, or placement can quickly lead to an unraveled, disheveled appearance in the design, even if you follow all the proper care instructions.

2. Hand wash if possible

One of the more time consuming but most protective options for embroidery care is to hand wash the garment. While this may be time consuming, it is the gentlest option to ensure the threads of the embroidery design do not become scratched or loose in the washer. You should also air dry the garment if you hand wash it to help safeguard it as much as possible.

3. Turn inside out when using washing machine/dryer

If the idea of hand washing an embroidered garment is not on your to do list, you can put in the washer and dryer. The key is to turn it inside out before you put it in the washer/dryer. This will ensure the surface of the design which faces out, remains smooth and keeps its appearance. You should also take care not to wash the garment with anything that has a sharpness to it such as anything with zippers where the threads may become caught and unravel.

4. Use cold water and gentle cycle

Another important tip in embroidery care is to make sure you use cold water and wash on the gentle cycle. The use of hot water may cause threads to lose their dyes or color and a too harsh cycle can lead to abrasions or loose threads. You also want to dry on a low heat cycle to avoid any damages to the designs.

5. Trim loose threads

Before you wash the garment, check for loose threads. If you have loose threads, use a small pair of scissors to trim them, taking care not to loosen the design further. This will make sure the threads do not get caught on anything in the wash or loosen even further.

6. Always follow care instructions on garment

You should always check the tag for care instructions on any garment, especially an embroidered one. Make sure you always follow those instructions above all else to keep the garment and the design in their best condition.

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