Child wearing a screen printed USA tank top holding an american flag

The most patriotic day of the year is coming up, and it’s important that you dress the part. July 4th is the day when everyone breaks out their red, white, and blue. Not only that, but it’s a day of parties, of getting some sun, and of celebrating all that freedom means to you personally. For many, they start planning their 4th of July shirt ideas ahead of time, which is why we have our list to help you come up with the perfect option for your celebration.

Screenprinting is an easy way to get a custom shirt, though you can also do embroidery and even have metallic font added to your shirt. With our 4th of July shirt ideas, hopefully you’ll find the best fit for your needs.

  1. Raglan shirt with USA- United States of Awesome. For those of you who are planning on watching a game or even playing a fun game with your friends. You can purchase raglans with white fronts and red sleeves, and then use red and blue font to share the message.
  2. Patriotic t-shirt. Remember those who fought for our freedom with a message about the Home of the Free Because of the Brave. Without those who decided our freedom was worth fighting for, we may be in a very different situation currently. For that one, you can use a grey or white t-shirt, and put the print in blue and red, alternating the colors. You can never have too much red, white, and blue on this day.
  3. Keep it simple with a print of the flag. Just a plain white tank top with the flag printed on the front can be a great tribute to the U.S. without any sayings. It can also be a great thing to use the flag in the shape of a heart for a unique twist. These shirts can be especially great for groups that want to match.
  4. A blue or red tee with Stars and Stripes. We all know what the stars and stripes mean to us, which is why a blue or red tee with that in white script is a great outfit with a pair of jean shorts.
  5. America the Beautiful. We are all proud of our nation, no better way to share that than printing America the Beautiful on it with some stars. You can use several colored fonts or you can just use one font color on a colored tank top.

These are just a few 4th of July shirt ideas that you can use. Depending on your plans, your group may want matching tank tops with the year on the back to commemorate the trip or they may want to have their initials on the back somewhere. As long as you have your red, white, and blue, you’re good to go!

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