toolbox full of common household tools

Spreading brand awareness can be achieved with the right promotional items. For instance, if you are the proud owner of a home improvement store, paint store, or just looking to give customers a useful item, the use of home DIY kits and related items are always a good choice. Let’s take a look at a few ideas to make this a solid promotional strategy for your business.

1. Paintbrushes/stirrers/rollers

When looking to put together some home DIY kits with your branded items, a paint kit is a smart choice. This gives you the option of creating several branded items that homeowners are sure to use all while showing off your brand name, company name, or colorful logo. A few good things to include in this sort of home improvement kit would be paintbrushes, paint stirrers, and rollers. These can even be housed in a branded bucket to make it a convenient and easy to house package for your customers.

2. Buckets

As any homeowner knows, a bucket can be a useful thing to have on hand. A bucket with your brand or logo on it will keep your company fresh in a customer’s mind whenever they use the bucket. This is a great item to have on-hand and an even better item to use for branding! While you can use buckets as a branding tool as part of a kit, you can also just brand the bucket itself since it is such a versatile and useful item.

3. Screwdrivers

For the DIY fan or homeowner, a great screwdriver is a must-have. For a business looking to keep their company in the mind of customers, a screwdriver is an easy way to stay relevant with little effort on your part. When a person uses the screwdriver with your company name or slogan on the handle, they will have not only a useful tool but also a reminder of your business!

4. Tape measurer

A tape measurer is something every DIY fan and homeowner needs on hand. Used for a wide range of projects, this little item is great for showcasing your logo or company name. Since these are items most people use for years before replacing, it will give you a long return on the promotional investment.

5. Flashlight

While you may not think of a flashlight as a DIY item, it is certainly an item you want in customers’ homes while sporting your brand. This is an item they will use for years which means your company will stay in their mind for years. Remember, familiarity breeds initial business and repeat business after that!

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