If you’re like us, an expense line item for face masks was not included in your 2020 budget projections, but here we all are.  Masks have become an essential expense, but it doesn’t have to be at a loss.  Instead of purchasing cheap disposable versions for your employees and visitors, consider ways you can generate an ROI from branded face masks.  Custom masks are walking advertisements, and when used purposefully can help generate advertising impressions and new revenue for your business.

Before starting to use your masks as advertisements, make an informed decision about the masks you purchase.  There are a few key quality points that will help make your face mask a customer’s favorite.

What makes a good reusable face mask?

  • Choose an effective fabric.  A study by the American Chemical Association and University of Chicago found that masks with a combination of different fabrics were nearly as effective as an N95 protective mask.  Polyester masks, for example, create an electrostatic-based filtration system, meaning that the energetic particles created by a static fabric help to trap the viral particles within the mask.  Combining it with a cotton filter insert can also prevent additional particles from entering the fabric at all.
  • Breath-ability.  While disposable masks are effective in short doses, they are difficult to wear over extended periods of time and make breathing cumbersome. For employees working long shifts or clients with length appointments, lightweight fabrics will help the masks stay on the wearer for longer.
  • Comfort.  Moisture-wicking fabrics help make masks much more comfortable and reduce smell or dampness from breathing.  These fabrics are also easily washable to remove signs of previous use, while other thicker fabrics may retain smells or moisture.
  • Fit. A mask’s fit is easily the most under-rated factor in effectiveness.  Masks without a proper fit will leave gaps that can decrease a masks protective efficiency by an estimated 60%.  Offering multiple adult and youth sizes can help create more effective masks that people are likely to keep.

Once you have selected a mask, now plan for ways to use it that will help get a return on your investment.

Ways to Generate ROI from Custom Branded Face Masks

  • Client gifts.  One of the key factors in establishing brand loyalty is trust.  By giving your clients high-quality and well-fitting face masks, you are communicating that you care about their well-being and that of their families.  Clients will remember the kindness, which will increase your brand recall when they next think of your service category.
  • Employee wear.  Every time a customer interacts with an employee, they have an almost instantaneous connection with your brand identity.  Don’t miss this opportunity to add to that experience with a mask.  Consider using a recognizable brand pattern, a funny or heartwarming statement, or even a simple logo placement to make each interaction a communication with your brand.  Plus, a high-quality branded mask means you only have to purchase one item per employee.  Disposable masks are for single-use cases only and will add up to a lot of time and money.
  • Community involvement.  During the COVID-19 pandemic there is no short of need in our local communities, from food to shelter to masks.  Consider making a donation of your branded masks to an organization that speaks to your company’s mission.  This single act will communicate your company values to clients, and your employees will feel a stronger sense of loyalty to your company when their day has been spent createing good.
  • PR opportunities. Every day, your company does something that deserves a pat on the back.  Whether it is providing excellent customer service, helping an employee in need, or giving back to the community.  Small acts of kindness that formerly went unnoticed can now give credit where credit is due.  Consider the example where employees from a Virginia Beach-based franchise were spotted helping a customer to their car in the pouring down rain.  Without their identifiable masks, this act of great service may have gone without credit.  Keep your eyes peeled for small acts of excellence from your employees, and share them loudly and proudly.

Interested in branded face masks?

Let us know how we can help.  Our masks are produced in North America and proudly keep people working every day.  Check out our video above for the technical details, or contact us for a custom mock-up of your branded mask vision.

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