Recognizing and awarding your employees for hard work is a necessity in the workplace. Everyone deserves to know they did a good job and get an award in front of their peers for their hard work. Not to mention, this will foster the growth of other employees to work hard as well, thus improving the company.

We know it may be difficult to think of fun employee awards, which is why we have come up with a great selection of items to choose from. The best part is that all of these can be branded with your company name.

  • Candy sets. If your employees are constantly getting things done, they may like a sweet treat as recognition for their hard work. This will also help give them a bit of a sugar rush during the work day. If you’re really nice, they may even share.
  • Movie night box. This can be especially fun if your company is involved in the film industry in any way. These feature candy, popcorn, and 2 cups so they can share in the excitement of a big film coming out, even if they aren’t walking the red carpet with the celebrities.
  • A new pen set. If your employees are wheeling and dealing and closing contracts right and left, award them with a new pen set that they will love using and love receiving. For some, there is nothing better than a new pen that writes smoothly, and one that features the company they are proud to work for is a great option.
  • Awards. This may seem like the most obvious choice, but a plaque or award given to them may be the most meaningful gift they could get for a job well done. This is a great way to recognize an employee for their hard work, especially at an event like an award ceremony or in front of corporate.
  • A mug and coaster set. We all know there are several employees in every office who are addicted to coffee and likely go through several cups just in the morning while working. Help fuel them with a personalized cup and coaster for them to have on their desk or give them to every new hire so they have something to help themselves feel at home.
  • Chocolate. To some, this is even better than a candy box. A box of chocolates can be a wonderful way to recognize and say thank you for the hard work an employee puts in day in and day out.
Published On: March 6th, 2020 / Categories: News & Events /