The 2024 Paris Olympics promise to be a global spectacle, but for businesses, navigating brand association with the Games can be tricky. Here at MSP Design Group, we want to ensure your marketing stays on the right side of regulations. 

Protecting Sponsorships: 

Just like previous Games, the Paris 2024 Organizing Committee (POC) safeguards the commercial value of the Olympics by protecting official sponsors. This means strict rules govern how companies can reference the Games. 

Understanding Trademark Protection: 

The Games’ logos, mottos, and even certain words are legally protected by trademarks, copyright, and design rights. Additionally, specific laws offer enhanced protection during the Olympic period. 

Complying with Regulations: 

The POC prioritizes education. They offer resources to help businesses understand and comply with regulations. Here are some helpful links: 

Restricted Words and Phrases: 

Using specific terms without permission is prohibited. This includes: 

  • Logos: Paris 2024, Olympic Rings, Paralympic Agitos 
  • Words: Paris 2024, 2024POC, French Olympic Team, All Together Stronger (Motto) 
  • Similar Terms: Olympics, Paralympics, Olympian, Paralympic 

Avoiding Association by Ambiguity: 

Beyond protected terms, creating an association with the Games through marketing is also restricted. This can be a grey area, but some phrases raise red flags: 

  • Combinations of: Games, 2024, Paris, Summer, Gold, Silver, Bronze 
  • Indirect references: Olympic colors, torches, venues, sports imagery, words like “excellence” or “unity” 

Learning from Examples: 

The POC provides examples to illustrate compliant and infringing marketing: 

  • Allowed: An ad for running shoes simply called “Track Shoes” would be acceptable. 
  • Not Allowed: An ad for an energy company called “Gaz Énergie” with an image of a torch lighting a flame would be considered an infringement. 

Staying Safe: 

The best approach is to avoid any messaging that directly or indirectly references the Olympics. If unsure, consult a lawyer before launching your campaign. 

Remember: Even unintentional association can lead to legal trouble. Let MSP Design Group guide you through safe and effective marketing strategies during the 2024 Paris Olympics. 


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