Screen Printing


Whether you’re printing 1,000 shirts or just a few, we can do it! Put our 30 years of screen-printing experience to work for you.

Let us help you stand out and attract more customers with professional grade creations to represent your project with high-quality products.

MSP Design Group runs one of the most robust print operations in Hampton Roads, with the capability to produce over 2,000 shirts per hour. While our screen printing Virginia Beach office certainly covers the needs of locals, our reach has since expanded to cover a wide range of locations and customer needs. Our work is still based out of our screen printing Virginia Beach location, but our clients range from small businesses to large corporations all over the country. We also provide printed apparel for international events like the Neptune Festival and the North American Sand Soccer Championships. Our printing staff employs an assortment of techniques to ensure the perfect product. With a focus on care and precision coupled with the latest techniques, every product we create is a high-quality option you are sure to love!


With over a dozen designers on our team, we have a wealth of experience and creativity. No matter the design, our talented sales and design experts will bring your ideas to life and create something that communicates your company’s unique style. Allow us to help your business with design layout and logo creation to help make your brand stand out against the competition in the minds of potential customers.

Our Facility

Our production facilities house automatic presses, manual presses, and digital printing machines, allowing us to produce over 1 million shirts per year. Feel free to contact us to take a tour of our facilities for an inside look at our process.


Our experience and industry-leading equipment give us the ability to quickly deliver top-notch apparel in crisp, vibrant prints. Whether opting for screen printing or one of our other state of the art methods, every item we produce has to meet our quality control standards.

DTG Printing (Direct to Garment)

MSP Design Group offers Direct-To-Garment printing, utilizing new Brother DTG printers in our facility. DTG provides cost-effective means for printing small-order jobs so the savings are passed on to our clients. It’s the speed you need and the quality you demand, all at an affordable price point.

We take design seriously.

Like, really seriously.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you do screen printing?
It takes equipment, time, and patience to screen print, which is why we offer this popular service as a part of our in-house production. We will happily discuss any screen printing projects that you may have.
How much does it cost to screen print?
How many items you are screen printing, how complicated the print is, and how many colors can all affect the price of the screen printing job. Please reach out to us and we would be happy to discuss pricing of your project.
How do screen printers work?
A negative of the chosen design is printed on a screen to be placed against the shirt. From there, ink is rolled over the screen, the ink sets, and the shirt is put aside to dry. Depending on the project, multiple screens may be used, and everything is used with a press operator and laser alignment to ensure that your tees are printed in the right location every time. From there, the shirts get moved to be dried, and then packaged up and sent to you.

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