1. Understand your audience
    You can post all day long, but who are you trying to reach? First, take into account who you are trying to target and create content accordingly. Look at the demographics, psychographics and daily behaviors to figure out how to maximize your engagement.
  2. Provide added value to your content—what can they take away?
    There are plenty of social media accounts that have plenty of content, but what could you take away from it? How did your business benefit? If you can’t answer that, then make sure your account can provide that added value for your viewer. Check this out, 77% of adults bought goods or services online and 46% said that they rely on social media when making a buying decision.
  3. Engage- competitions, tagging, etc.
    Who doesn’t like a little competition? Get your followers involved with your business by creating a little healthy competition by posting contests, open-ended questions so your followers reply back, and free giveaway opportunities.
  4. Be consistent
    Make it a habit. When you check your email in the morning, schedule a social media post. This can be one of the most challenging parts, but once you get in the habit and gain momentum, it will become easier and easier.
  5. Use analytics
    Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer these for free with a business account, yes, free! What better way to gauge what is working for your page than to use factual numbers? Some accounts react positively to videos and others to multiple picture posts, these can help you figure out what works and what doesn’t then learn from it!


Your brand potential is limited only by your imagination.

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