If you’re looking for unorthodox ways to gain business at trade shows, here are a few ideas to consider:

  1. Host a fun activity at your booth: Instead of simply showcasing your products or services, consider hosting a fun activity that will attract attendees to your booth. For example, you could set up a game, offer a photo booth or hold a contest. This will help you stand out from the other booths and make a memorable impression on attendees.
  2. Offer personalized giveaways: Instead of handing out generic promotional items, offer personalized giveaways that are customized to each attendee’s interests or needs. This can include things like custom keychains or stress balls that reflect the attendee’s personal or professional interests.
  3. Partner with other exhibitors: Look for other exhibitors who offer complementary products or services and team up with them to create a joint display. This will help you attract more attendees to your booth and showcase the synergy between your two companies.
  4. Provide a unique experience: Consider offering attendees a unique experience that they can’t get anywhere else. This could include things like a live demonstration, a mini-workshop or a personalized consultation.
  5. Create a social media buzz: Use social media to create a buzz around your booth and generate excitement among attendees. Encourage attendees to share photos or posts about your booth using a specific hashtag and offer prizes for the most creative or engaging posts.

By using these unorthodox strategies, you can set yourself apart from other exhibitors and attract more business at trade shows. The key is to be creative, innovative and willing to take risks to stand out from the crowd.

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