As a salesperson, you know that hitting your targets can be a challenging task. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and perseverance to close deals and bring in new business. But what if there was a way to make the process a little easier? Enter sales incentives.

Sales incentives are rewards and recognition programs designed to motivate and incentivize sales teams to achieve their goals. Incentives can take many different forms, from cash bonuses to trips to branded merchandise. In this blog post, we’ll explore how to plan sales incentives, the types of sales incentives available, and tips on implementing sales incentive programs that drive results.

Using Reward and Incentive Programs

Reward and incentive programs can be an excellent way to motivate salespeople. These programs can be designed to reward salespeople for hitting individual targets, team targets, or overall company goals. They can take many different forms, including cash bonuses, gift cards, or even time off. The key is to make the reward meaningful and aligned with the goals of the incentive program.

The Power of Branded Merchandise

Branded merchandise is a powerful tool for connecting with sales teams and recognizing their achievements. By using branded merchandise, you can provide tangible, high-quality rewards that act as a constant reminder of the salesperson’s achievement. This type of incentive is highly effective because it allows salespeople to show off their achievements and creates a sense of pride and camaraderie within the team.

Applying Branded Merchandise to Sales Incentive Programs

When applying branded merchandise to sales incentive programs, it’s important to choose items that will be highly valued by your sales team. Consider items that are practical, like phone chargers or travel bags, or items that have a high perceived value, like high-quality apparel or electronics. Be sure to select items that align with your sales team’s preferences and interests, and make sure they are of high quality.

Implementing Sales Incentive Programs

Now that you understand the power of sales incentives, it’s time to implement a program that drives results. Here are some tips for implementing a successful sales incentive program:

  1. Set achievable targets: The targets you set should be challenging but achievable. If targets are too easy, the incentive program loses its effectiveness. If they’re too difficult, your sales team may become demotivated.
  2. Communicate regularly: Regular communication with your sales team is key. Keep them informed about the progress of the incentive program, and provide regular updates on their performance.
  3. Celebrate successes: Celebrate when your sales team hits their targets and reward them promptly. This will reinforce the behavior you want to see and motivate them to continue performing at a high level.
  4. Analyze the results: At the end of the incentive program, analyze the results to determine its effectiveness. Did it drive the results you were looking for? If not, what can you do differently next time?


In conclusion, sales incentives are a powerful tool to motivate and reward your sales team. By using reward and incentive programs and branded merchandise, planning effectively, choosing the right incentives, and implementing a well-structured program, you can drive the results you’re looking for and create a positive sales culture that benefits everyone. So why not start planning your sales incentives program today?

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