Project Description

Yay of the Day: Swag Bags Offer Teachers and Staff an Emotional Boost

The past school year was challenging for school employees everywhere, and Henrico County (Richmond, Va.) Public Schools was looking for a new way to showcase the positives that teachers and staff make possible every day. They created the “Yay of the Day” Award and honored 100 teachers with 100 “Yays” in 100 days.

Henrico opted to pat them on the back – literally and figuratively — for going above and beyond the call of duty. Every school day since the January semester started, the Henrico employees have been getting recognized. Recipients are employees who, through actions big or small, are making a positive difference in the lives of their students.

Each recipient received a tumbler, a blanket, a sticker and tote bag with the Yay of the Day logo, and each was recognized in-person by HCPS Superintendent Amy Cashwell.

“Recognizing our employees and celebrating good work are moments we need to make happen more often,” said Andy Jenks, Chief of Communications and Community Engagement for HCPS. “Our more than 7,000 staff members do amazing things each and every day. This is one small way to shine a light on their hard work and dedication.”

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Did you know…

Companies with employee recognition programs have 31% lower voluntary turnover than those that don’t, and lack of recognition is the No. 1 reason employees quit.