Project Description

Leslie takes pride in making magic happen every day. She utilizes the calming effects of rescue horses to create a therapeutic riding experience for children with disabilities 

Every week, about 100 children of all ages can escape their reality and descend on Leslie’s 30-acre farm and ride horses while enjoying the property’s sensory trail systems. Here, Leslie puts everyone on equal footing.  

At Cranberry Sunset Farm outside Cape Cod, Mass., the wonders of nature and animals marry with the awe and innocence of children who are a little less fortunate. The former pediatric nurse recently had the idea to outfit the children in the same kitting as the mostly volunteer workers. So, she partnered with MSP Design Group and ordered 130 branded jackets and T-shirts for the children

“This experience is actually the easiest thing ever,” Leslie said. “(MSP Sales Rep) Pete chose the cut, color, layout. I did nothing. It was the most pleasurable thing ever.”  

Even more pleasing is the effect the items are having on the children. It is something to behold.  

“We gave the items to the children so that all of them feel like one of us,” Leslie said. “When they put on that jacket or those T-shirts, there’s no difference. There’s no disability. They are an equal part of our team. Every day they get a psychological boost from putting that jacket with our logo on, and they wear it with so much pride because when they put that on, it erases their disability.” 

In addition, Leslie uses promo items as a way to say thank you to her mostly volunteer staff. Grants and community support often aren’t enough, so Leslie is always getting creative to keep everyone happy. Currently, she’s thinking of opportunities to use promotional products as an avenue to help her pay the $4,000 for a new playground and swing set that the children can use to transition from school time to farm time 

“It’s important that they have some period of down time before they just jump into the farm activities and riding atmosphere,” Leslie said.  

MSP Design Group is creating a program for Leslie that incorporates the names and pictures of her 40 rescue horses onto hats and other items that Leslie can use as fundraisers to help get the money for the playgroundEvery day MSP is creating solutions that provide a return on investment for businesses. If you have a big idea and want us to help you make a difference in your community, like Leslie is doing in hers, give us a call at (833)-978-0076.