Project Description

In a COVID world, everyone has become accustomed to using QR codes for restaurant food and drink menus. But Nancy has taken it to another level, using the QR codes on her wine glasses to help her budding Scout and Cellar business in Richmond 

When she has wine tasting for the clean-crafted wine, which is free of synthetic pesticides and chemical additives and sweeteners, she used to give out business cards and order forms. Now, there’s no need to mess with any of that. They don’t have to remember my phone number to place an order.  

“You’re drinking and having fun at a tasting and you might forget to put the order in or just maybe want to think about it and do it later at home,” Nancy said. “So, I give everyone a parting gift, a nice heavy wine glass with the code on it. Now, they can scan the code on the glass the next day on their patio and it takes them right to the website with the products and they can check it out from anywhere.” 

Nancy said she just fell in love with the idea of QR codes on glasses for a reason that might resonate with a lot of people who get slight stage fright. The codes serve Nancy well when it comes to presenting in public because she said she’s not a great public speaker and sometimes isn’t at her best in a crowded roomShe’s a former dental hygienist, and while she’s not overly shy, public speaking isn’t her favorite activity.  

So, now she can lean on the website and the professional material already prepared just by scanning the code right there at an event. She doesn’t have to remember all of the different details because she has the website as a ready back-up. 

On a recent night in which she gave four people the glasses at a tasting, three of them eventually joined the wine club by via the code. And then when they have friends over and they serve wine in that glass, they say, ‘Hey, what’s this QR code?’ 

(MSP Sales Rep) Pete did a great job with the glasses, and I’m almost out of them so I probably need to get a bunch more,” Nancy said. “With all the activity coming this summer it’s going to be an active season. People are ready to get out and start celebrating, and I think it’s going to do well.  

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