Project Description

Austin is revolutionizing the surfboard industry with his design skills and fabrication acumen. But every entrepreneur at a start-up company – no matter how good the idea – still needs to eat and pay the rent in those early days and months before they hit it big.   

So Austin asked a sponsor to front the money for a small batch of hats and T-shirts from MSP Design Group, and then he went to work telling his story online. 

“I am making a bunch of boards and giving them to the veteran communities that have been impacted by PTSD or homelessness or other issues like disabilities,” said Austin, who will graduate from VMI in May. “So, I am selling the apparel items at a four-fold profit margin to pay the bills so I can keep giving back.” 

Once Austin told his story, it didn’t take long for the military and surfing communities to rally around his cause.  

“I posted a picture and they all sold out in 17 minutes,” he said. “It was just call, call, call. I was getting calls from people I didn’t even know, and it was getting shared and liked on social media at a rate I’ve never seen before.” 

While the rate at which word spread of Austin’s good work and philanthropic spirit might have been abnormal, it was all in a day’s work for MSP. We help companies every day, big and small 

“(MSP Sales Rep) John really made getting the hats and other items a great experience with set up, and getting the order in the next day,” said Austin, who also has a job at Booz Allen. “He’d call me every couple of days just to update me, and it was really helpful to know when the inventory would be here.”  

Success stories like Austin’s happen every day, and MSP is proud to be a small part of making dreams like his come trueDo you want to be next? Give us a call at (833) 978-0076.