Project Description

As in-person events start to return, some people might be wondering how to handle the crowds.  

Rachel, who works for a packaging, design, and automation solutions company, decided to partner with MSP Design Group and invested $4,000 to deck out their display booth. They branded the table coverings and handed out branded ear plugs, Richardson hats with patches, sanitizers, and bottled waters.  

“We did great with the swag because we went with the good stuff, and it paid off,” co-worker Amanda said. “We went with quality items, and we did really well because everyone was talking about how we were giving it away and everyone else was selling their items.” 

Rachel said her goal was to drum up more business from the event, and even though the tornado warning kept people away one day, the first outing in some time paid exceptional dividends. She couldn’t have been more pleased at the return on her investment as the event generated more than 30 new leads 

“These are very focused and legitimate leads,” Rachel said. “Even if only a couple of those pan out, it’ll be well worth it. 

“It was great working with (MSP Sales Rep) AshleyShe’s always on top of her game, and we were just so happy with everything surrounding the entire event. We’re already working with her for an upcoming exhibit for our show in Vegas. We couldn’t be happier. 

If you have an upcoming live event and are looking to garner a bunch of new business, give us a call at (833) 978-0076