Project Description

Problem: A nationwide healthcare company with many offices and 1,300 remote workers couldn’t hold its annual gathering in-person at the Virginia Beach convention center.

Solution: Wanda called MSP Design Group and asked us to create a kit that had some food and clothing and could be shipped to multiple locations across the country, from the east coast to the west coast, and even internationally as far away as Austria.

Wanda’s vision soon was put into action, and all 1,300 employees received their surprise boxes in the mail at their home addresses. The boxes came complete with a “Do Not Open Until the Meeting” sticker on the outside of the box. Eventually, when the boxes were opened at the start of the meeting, the employees found a long-sleeve t-shirt shirt, a pair of gloves, a coffee mug, some cookies and hot chocolate, a bag of popcorn and a note from the CEO telling them to enjoy their survival kit during the “Mega Meeting.” All of the items were branded with the company’s logo and slogan.

“Doing a kit for the remote crowd is such an easy process, and based on the survey we conducted, everyone loved getting something at home,” Wanda said. “It was like Christmas.”

Return on Investment: Wanda said the company normally spends a hefty sum on t-shirts and food for the in-person convention, but the kits from MSP saved her nearly half her normal budget.

“I would definitely recommend it,” Wanda said. “It was a great experience, and you guys did all the heavy lifting. Bobby was great, and he took care of everything, and I would highly recommend MSP.”

You can be next: Whether it’s a thank you kit for your remote staff, or welcome back to the office kits, or even Christmas in July kits, think about how you can give your employees a nice surprise – and save some money in the process. Give MSP a call at 833-978-0076.