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Visiting a new city is always an exciting adventure. As a business owner in the tourism industry, creating city experience kits with branded items is a unique and fun way to welcome visitors to your city. Let’s take a look at a few examples of how to put together city experience kits.

Choose base items

When putting together city experience kits, you want to have a few base items and work around those with smaller items. For example, rather than a bunch of small items, the use of one or two large items as anchor pieces sounded by the smaller items will give the kit more value to the recipient. These base items are usually standard items people use every day regardless of the city and feature your brand prominently displayed on the item for custom swag they are sure to love. A few good examples of base items are things like a hat or visor, water bottle, mug, or laptop bag. Once you have the major elements in place you can fill in the rest of the kit with smaller items such as custom stickers, custom koozies, fidget spinners, or anything else with your brand on it.

Tailor it to your city

While you want to show off your brand or company with these city experience kits, you also want to highlight what makes your city different and unique. For instance, a beach town business can include a branded beach ball, towel, or frisbee. If you are in NYC, you can include items such as a branded apple stress ball to represent the Big Apple and your brand all in one. The key is to find what sets your city apart and tailor it to branded items that will welcome guests to the city while keeping your company at the forefront.

Make it about your brand

You can also include in these kits items specifically related to your brand or company. For instance, if you are a travel agency, hotel, or other tourism business, you can include items such as passport covers, soaps, or other travel items. The key is to welcome them to the city but also to highlight your brand!

Keep it fun yet functional

You want the items to be fun yet functional. This ensures the recipient will actually use them which keeps your brand front and center in their mind. For instance, a travel necessity such as a power bank with your brand on it is a great way to make sure they use the items. The goal is to make the kit fun and focused on the city while also giving recipients items they will actually use as they explore your city.

Published On: September 2nd, 2019 / Categories: News & Events /