You and your team are most likely still working from home. Your employees have worked diligently to help the company and one another through difficult times. You’re proud of them for all that they do and perhaps you’ve been thinking about giving them a little something to let them know you miss seeing them but appreciate them.

Employee appreciation is a wonderful sentiment. But what to get your employees? There are hundreds of options that can make the decision difficult. Plus, you may have a specific budget in mind or want to give your employees a gift they will find thoughtful and useful all at once. Watches aren’t worn as much anymore and can break. Pens and other small office accessories seem impersonal.

If you want to say thank you and give them a gift which is both thoughtful and useful for years to come, consider the universally popular gift that is drinkware. Custom drinkware can be appreciated by everyone, whether it is a brand-new water bottle or a mug for coffee or tea. Not only can custom drinkware show employees that you appreciate them, but that you also care about their well-being. Hydration is essential to all of us and is linked to better cognition and less fatigue.

The best employee gifts are those that they can use in their everyday lives. Here are 5 custom drinkware gifts your team will love.

Ceramic Mugs

1. Campfire Mug

A soothing cup of tea in the morning and at night or a delicious and dark coffee to wake the mind up in the morning are popular options for workers. Both warm cozy drinks need the perfect mug. It doesn’t get much cozier than a traditional campfire mug with a beautiful retro granite design in a wide variety of colors. A campfire mug is perfect for the home and of course, excellent for use during the outdoor season. These mugs are sturdy too, able to withstand use and roughing it when it comes to camping. BPA-free with a speckled finish, these are attractive mugs no matter which environment they may be used in.

2. Bamboo Fiber Tumbler

If you are seeking something that is a bit more elegant and that works for both at home and travel, then the Gia Bamboo Fiber Tumbler will be a gorgeous hit. This tumbler is a bio-composite of 70% bamboo fibers and natural materials. This tumbler has a stainless-steel interior with a push-on lid to keep either cold or hot drinks at the right temperature longer and features a nonslip grip for extra stability wherever it is used. Not only does it come in a gorgeous, natural color but this tumbler is also BPA-, PVC-, and Phthalate-free too. Best of all, the tumbler comes with a matching natural gift box. This bamboo fiber tumbler is both a refined statement piece and extremely versatile for your employees to use wherever they work, travel, or adventure.

3. Barista Collection

Capturing the stylish look and feel of a small-town coffee shop in a mug is easy with the Barista Collection Mug. Your employees may be missing their favorite barista, but you can help them get that same feeling at home or work with this simple, yet sophisticated café styled mug. This mug can hold up to 17 ounces of favored brew and comes with an elegantly curved, easy to grip handle. Two-toned with an earthy java color and richly dark shades it is both pleasing to the eye as well as to hold.

Stainless Steel and Water Bottles

4. Asobu® Clutch N Go

This stainless-steel water bottle is an absolute head-turner. The Asobu® Clutch N Go Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle is a perfect thank you gift for a fashion business that wants its team to know how much they appreciate them! This water bottle is not only a fashion statement but an excellent hydration source that comes in on-trend colors as well as luxurious motifs. Double-walled, this water bottle features vacuum insulated copper-lined stainless steel and has a 14-ounce capacity that can keep water ice cold or beverages piping hot up to 12 hours. Not only will it keep your fashion-expert employees hydrated and look like a stylish accessory, but there is also a hidden compartment for your employees to store personal items! Items like keys, coins, or cards. Last, but never least, the Asobu® show-stopper feature is its sumptuously textured leather handle with gorgeous metal studs. Your employees will adore being able to slip a hand under the strap to secure their exceptional Asobu® water bottle on the go or at any time.

5. Welly® Traveler

Giving back to your employees as well as to those in need is as easy as gifting a modern and sleek Welly® Traveler Copper Vacuum Bottle. This unique merge of the natural and minimalistic future bottle features a heavy-duty double-wall stainless steel vacuum construction with copper insulation to ensure your team can enjoy cold drinks for 48 hours and hot for up to 12! The Welly® Traveler’s cutting-edge design, as well as construction, prevents condensation on the outside of the bottle. With a screw-on lid and wide opening for filling and pouring, your team will have no issues using ice cubes if they wish. Not only is this a great-looking bottle, but the Welly® also includes a stainless-steel infuser, allowing your team to infuse their water with fruit, herbs, tea, or anything they wish. The Welly® Traveler combines modernistic elegance with a touch of class and the best part is that Welly® donates over 1% of sales to bringing clean water to those in need.

Whichever custom drinkware you choose to give, there is an option your team will enjoy. From the cozy mugs to the stainless-steel tumblers that they will be able to take with them everywhere. Whether your team enjoys an active lifestyle or taking things one day at a time, you can find the perfect custom drinkware gifts your team will love and use again and again. Your team will adore the thoughtfulness of the gift and perhaps the next time you fire up a video meeting you might just spot them drinking out of their new favorite custom drinkware gifted by you!

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