sunglasses, tees, golf ball, and clubs on top of a polo

Planning an event for your business is always exciting. When it comes to event specific giveaways, you want items themed to your business or the overall theme of your event. Let’s take a look at a few great ideas for event specific giveaways.


If you are throwing an automotive themed promotional party, there are tons of event specific giveaways you can use with your company logo on them.

  • Sunshades. These are perfect for keeping the sun out of the vehicle while parked and putting your logo on display.
  • Phone mount. Give your customers a way to practice safe driving with a phone mount and keep your brand fresh in their mind.
  • Key ring. This is a must-have for keeping keys in one place. With a customized key ring, take your brand to new places.
  • License plate frame. A license plate frame is one of the easiest ways to get your brand out there because it will be seen everywhere it goes! These also make for a fun and affordable giveaway for any automotive themed event.
  • Vehicle escape tool. This tool has a seat belt cutter and a hammer to bust the window in case of an emergency. It can also have your company logo on the handle as a great branding tool.


The world of golf is a favorite for any player of this sport. Whether you are a golf related company or just throwing a golf themed party for customers, these event specific giveaways are sure to please while promoting your brand.

  • Golf balls. This is an obvious way to promote your business at a golf related event. The balls will have your company logo on them so customers will think of your brand with every swing.
  • Tees. Another obvious giveaway would be tees. These smaller items are a must for a player and a great way to get your brand out there.
  • Golf shoe bag. A gold shoe bag gives a player somewhere to carry their shoes while also sporting your company name or logo.
  • Golf towel. Perfect for wiping a sweaty forehead or sweaty hands before a swing, a golf towel is a great promotional item.
  • Umbrella. The weather can change quickly during a round of golf and a branded umbrella is a great way to stay dry.


The healthcare industry deserves some unique giveaways to make for an exciting event. These items should promote a healthy lifestyle while focusing on the unique nature of the industry.

  • Hot/cold packs. Perfect for dealing with minor aches and pains, a hot/cold pack is a thoughtful giveaway item. With this brand item, customers will think of your company with each use.
  • Stress ball. Stress balls are a great way to remove some of the daily stress and promote your business all in one. Best of all, they come in a range of fun designs from hard hats and baseballs to mini dumbbells to help make the most of this item.
  • Hand sanitizer. A must-have to stop germs from spreading while spreading the word about your business, hand sanitizer is a great giveaway.
  • First aid kit. A simple first aid kit with bandages of various sizes housed in a branded case is a great promo item for a healthcare event. You can even add extra giveaways inside the bag for an added surprise.
  • Pill case. With a 7 day pill case, you help patients stay on top of their medications while also keeping your brand front and center in their daily life.
Published On: September 23rd, 2019 / Categories: News & Events /