You can boost brand favorability by 46% by using environmentally friendly promotional items according to a study by ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute). Consumers want eco-friendly products and packaging, and Companies are seeking to enhance their brand image and gain consumer trust.

That’s where Stojo comes in.

According to Stojo, “Americans toss an estimated 58 billion disposable cups each year.

By now we all have a reusable water bottle. So, you’re probably aware of the benefits of avoiding single-use plastic bottles. But what about other types of disposable cups? How often do you buy a coffee, smoothie, or soda on the go and end up throwing away the cup afterwards? If you’re like most people, you probably do this more often than you’d like to admit.

Innovation is shaping sustainability in every industry, according to Bain and Company. Striving to provide and showcase an effective effort towards sustainability has become a focus for many companies that want to remain competitive. Addressing sustainability can become a complex challenge for any company looking at their bottom line.

However, complex challenges often can be resolved by a simple solution. In this case, a collapsible, leak-proof cup that you can take with you anywhere.

What is Stojo?

Stojo offers a range of collapsible, leak-proof coffee cups and other ultra-portable accessories, such as bottles, and straws. These products are designed to help people reject disposable culture and live sustainably. By choosing Stojo, users can easily contribute to an eco-friendlier lifestyle.

What are the benefits of choosing Stojo? Along with its collapsible design for easy carrying, Stojo helps reduce waste by replacing up to 500 disposable cups per year. By using a Stojo, you not only save thousands of disposable cups annually, but also help inspire discussions, encourage new habits that lead to new experiences.

The Stojo cup is dishwasher safe, air-tight and leak-free, fits standard cupholders and is suitable for hot or cold use, thanks to its food-grade silicone and temperature-resistant sleeve.

Who should be branding on Stojo?

This product line is available for anyone interested in applying their brand to it. Stojo offers a diverse range of features that make it an ideal choice for showcasing your brand message. If you appreciate practical, simplistic, and sustainable objects, this cup is perfect for you and your company!

Which markets are interested in products like Stojo? Simply put, if you are frequently on the go, this product provides a sustainable, convenient, and practical way to showcase any brand. Some ideal target markets include:

  • Healthcare
  • Business (Administration, Onboarding, Executive Gifts, etc.)
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitality
  • Outdoors/Recreation
  • Manufacturing
  • First Responders
  • And many more!

Stojo is a versatile product that can cater to all your needs. It is practical and easy to carry around, allowing you to promote your brand at all times. Additionally, Stojo’s focus on sustainability demonstrates your concern for the environment to customers and employees.

How can MSP Design Group help you with Stojo?

MSP Design Group is your branding and marketing partner, bringing over 35 years of expertise. Working with renowned brands like Nike, Puma, Under Armor, Yeti, and others, we have established ourselves as an industry leader that our clients trust.

We can assist you in utilizing Stojo for various purposes such as onboarding new employees, recognizing your team’s efforts, organizing recruitment events or any other event where you aim to leave a lasting impact.

With our experience, expertise, and creativity, we can assist you in creating a memorable message that aligns with your brand values and goals. Additionally, we can manage the logistics of ordering, shipping, and delivering your personalized Stojo products to your preferred location.

Contact us today to learn how Stojo can elevate your branding and marketing with their innovative and eco-friendly product line, helping you stand out from the crowd. Don’t miss this opportunity!

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