While the COVID-19 pandemic has driven many businesses to focus more on digital marketing, it’s important to not toss all your promotional products in the store closet. You might say, “Well, I can’t hand out these things anymore.” To prioritize your own safety alongside customers and prospects, this is true. However, there are several alternative ways in which you can keep these items in your new marketing strategy without needing to be face to face. The main difference between before the pandemic and now is the type of items you should choose. While you may have originally offered great products for offices, remember that a large percentage of people are still working from home. Because of this, the things you previously handed out may not be ideal during a pandemic. If promotional products are an important factor in your marketing, here are a few ways you can get them in the hands of customers and prospects without risking safety.

Mailed Care Packages

This is by far the safest and easiest way to give customers and prospects promotional products. So long as you have an address, you can assemble great packages that take on a whole new meaning. Instead of allowing people to pick these items from a table in your offices or business, you can instead put together useful boxes that recipients will find helpful. As you know, receiving mail has that special feeling that is hard to replicate. Make these care packages count with items that will help promote safety during the pandemic like branded hand sanitizer, face masks, and cleansing wipes. You can also include products that are related to your brand, yet still functional like water bottles, phone chargers, notebooks, and more.

Package Drop-Offs

This may be a useful tactic for some types of companies, but certainly not all. Apartment complexes and small businesses are great examples here. Dropping off promotional products is ideal for those who are considering their staff, tenants, or even existing customers who may be struggling amidst the complications of the COVID-19 pandemic. Apartment staff can easily drop off small gift bags to tenants to let them know that the company is thinking of them during this difficult time. For small business owners with local staff primarily working from home, a great way to boost morale is to drop off tokens of appreciation on their doorsteps. Whether you choose this hand delivered method, send packages by mail, or a mix of both, we recommend including a personalized note or letter as an extra touch. This is a wonderful way to connect with your staff, employees, or other chosen recipients.

“What Kinds of Products Should I Choose?”

Now that you have a better idea of which method you’d like to use to give your recipients branded promotional products, you might wonder what types of items are most suitable for a pandemic time. Keep in mind that your employees, customers, or other recipients are staying at home now more than ever before. Some may not be leaving at all. Outside of including PPE items, here are some excellent product categories to consider when ordering new branded items for your company.

1. Health and Wellness

Many gyms, yoga studios, and other similar types of wellness business are still shut down or operating with limited hours. It’s also crucial to consider the toll staying at home has on people. Mental wellbeing is just as important as physical wellness! Encourage your recipients to integrate mental and physical wellness into their daily routines by selecting promotional items like:

  • Yoga mats
  • Spa gift sets
  • Resistance bands set
  • Stress balls
  • Water bottles

2. WFH Office

For many, the work from home office just isn’t as efficient as their real one. When at home, it’s easier to become distracted and lose focus on the day’s tasks. Help make your recipients’ workspaces feel more functional with promotional products like these:

  • Blue-light blocking glasses
  • Premium journals
  • Wireless charging pads
  • Message boards
  • Portfolios

3. Branded Clothing

Part of working from home is feeling comfortable enough to get in the right headspace to work efficiently. With branded clothing options, you can help your team feel both comfortable and motived for workdays. Plus, it can be an additional perk if these options can be worn during video calls.

  • Zip-up fleece jackets
  • Long-sleeve hoodies
  • Dress shirts
  • Long-sleeve or short-sleeve t-shirts

When you take time to consider who the promotional products are for, it’s easy to determine the right kind of items to purchase. Whether you’re shopping for new items to keep on hand for your staff, existing customers, or prospects, there are many different kinds of products that they’ll find useful and meaningful. When sent by mail or hand delivered, your efforts to get packages to these recipients will be memorable and special no matter what items you include. At MSP Design Group, we offer all of the above-mentioned promotional products and so much more! Let us help you find the very best items for your staff or customers today! Get in touch with us by calling (833) 978-0076 for more information.

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