Building a strong company culture starts with recognizing and appreciating your employees. Studies show that 86% of companies with strong employee recognition programs boast a more engaged workforce, and employees are 6 times more likely to stay with an employer who shows appreciation.

But how do you translate appreciation into action? Branded merchandise can be a powerful tool to boost employee morale, celebrate achievements, and create a lasting connection between your employees and your brand.

Branded Merch: Raising Recognition Beyond the Expected

While gift cards are a popular choice for employee recognition, they can sometimes lack the personal touch that shows true appreciation. Our range of branded merchandise offers a unique and tangible way to celebrate your team’s achievements. From the classic appeal of a well-crafted t-shirt to the practical elegance of a custom-designed pen, we provide more than just products; we deliver experiences that resonate with your brand’s values and your team’s spirit.

Here are a few creative ways to use branded merch to elevate your employee recognition strategy:

  • Employee Onboarding Kits: Welcome new hires with a branded tote bag, notebook, or water bottle filled with company swag. This not only makes a great first impression, but it also gets them acclimated to your brand identity from day one.

  • Reward and Recognition Programs: Branded tech accessories, like a phone charger or a portable battery pack, are great rewards for exceeding goals or milestones. For high performers, consider a leather portfolio or a weekender bag personalized with the company logo.

  • Team Building and Events: Branded sports jerseys or hats can add fun and camaraderie to team-building events or company outings. For a virtual event, consider sending out branded webcam covers or home office essentials.

  • Customer Appreciation: Branded water bottles or travel mugs can be a thoughtful gift for your best customers, creating a walking advertisement for your brand while showing your appreciation for their business.

The Takeaway

Branded merchandise is a versatile tool to strengthen your employer brand, boost employee morale, and create lasting connections with your team and customers. By incorporating branded merch into your employee recognition strategy, you can cultivate a happier, more productive workforce and achieve your business goals.

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