Earlier, we discussed what to include in new employee welcome kits and briefly touched on some points about why they’re a good thing to have. However, there is actually much more to the story on the importance of new employee welcome kits.

Whether your business has shifted to working remotely full time due to the pandemic or they are back in the office, there’s still a need for new employees and with that, new employee welcome kits. Welcome kits are necessary for a couple of reasons:

  • Employee retention.
  • Equality for employees.
  • Employee moral.
  • Showing gratitude.

Employee Retention

We touched on this in another post, how it really does help with saving your company money, productivity, and outperforming your competitors. These are wonderful incentives for an organization that would like to keep their money and do better than their competitors. With employees happy, you’re more likely to keep them around and keep them motivated. This ties in to an employee welcome kit because you’re showing them that you appreciate them from the very beginning. This can be very important to any job seeker and employee.

Equality for Employees

Your employees come from all walks of life. For many, starting a new job can be daunting, especially if they are just getting started and building their professional status. In some cases, your employees may feel that they don’t compare to others in the company, and this can be very bad for their self esteem, especially when first starting out. A great way to equalize everyone is to give them all the same employee welcome kits, and perhaps include some company swag like a laptop bag if you are a digital company. Another option is a uniform or a custom team shirt. In some cases, employees may not be able to afford certain brands that others can, and it could cause some tension in the employees if there is an obvious difference. By offering shirts or other items, it makes everyone look equal, regardless of what their position in the company is.

These gifts can also help eliminate some of the pressure on the new employees to dress a certain way to fit in and allow them to be more comfortable that everyone has the same of an item.

Employee Moral

It feels good to get stuff given to you. Whether you’re an employee who’s been there for years or you’re new, it feels good to get stuff from your company, things that show how appreciated you truly are to them. Employee welcome kits are a great way to boost moral at the very beginning. Starting a new job can be nerve-wracking as you have a lot of information thrown your way, new coworkers to learn about, and you may have even had to move for your job, which adds extra stress. Walking in on your first day or having a welcome packet sent to you in the mail before starting can really boost your moral before you even start on your first day. From there, you’ll want to give your best to the company that truly seems to care about you and you fitting in.

Showing Gratitude

For any employee and employer relationship, for the employee to be happy, it has to be more than just offering them a paycheck. Anyone wants to feel wanted and feel gratitude for the hard work they’re putting in. Not to mention, all the time spent working to ensure that your company succeeds. One of the best ways to reward that right from the very beginning is with a welcome kit. During the interview process, both you and employee decided that it was a good fit for the two of you to work together in a mutually beneficial relationship. Showing that you appreciate them choosing your company, when they may have had other offers, is a great way to start off a working relationship with them. Your employees bring the talent to the table and you bring the opportunity, so it’s always good to show them some gratitude for choosing your company to continue their journey with.

New employee welcome kits can have a variety of items in them, and we offer some suggestions in our other post on what best to include to keep your new employees excited to start working with you. We are more than happy to customize a variety of promotional products, just reach out to get your order going!

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