Can you leverage the brand equity of big brands with your own co-branded merchandise?

The answer is a resounding, YES! Big brands from Under Armour to Yeti, Nike to JBL and so many more make it possible to put your brand onto their branded products – both apparel and merchandise.

What is the benefit of co-branding with Big Brands?

They get the benefit of extending their brand reach and creating interest in their products, while you get to be seen as providing a high-quality product. A study by Visual Objects showed that 71% of consumers enjoy co-branded products. The fact is, people love certain brands, and co-branded promotional products can share that love with your brand.

This is a powerful indicator of the borrowed equity of a big brand. Because your target audience thinks highly of that brand, you get both a stronger impression of your brand with the user, AND a greater likelihood of the item being used and seen by others.

Does it cost anything extra to co-brand? Is there a fee?

No, there are no fees for working with the brand, as they are making their products available for promotional use. But, generally speaking, branded products will cost more than unbranded products. There may also be special considerations, such as industries a brand won’t allow co-branding with. So always check with an MSP Design Group sales rep to help you select the best brands for you and to ensure it is approved for your industry.

Are Co-branded promotional items for me?

So, obviously, co-branding with major brands can have a real impact on the results of your promotional efforts. Whether it is a corporate gift, an attention-getting door-opener to get a meeting, or a team building effort, greater appreciation of your brand and extended use are great bonuses.

Tip 1: Select a brand that fits your image and values

While many big brands will automatically provide a sense that an item is high quality, if you choose one that matches or compliments your brand attributes – all the better!

Think about it – if your brand targets motivated people Nike’s “Just do It” brand is perfect for you. But if your brand is about enjoying the great outdoors Under Armours brand equity around warmth and all-weather performance can be a perfect partner.

Tip 2: Know what your target audience cares about

Is your audience into fitness? Are they concerned about conservation? Different brands can mean many things and can offer products that appeal to special interests such as fitness or green products. Think through what you know about your audience, then talk to your MSP Design Group brand expert!

Tip 3: Define your goals

The power of co-branded merchandise isn’t a magic bullet all by itself. Know your goal – is it to win new customers? To reward existing customers? To build brand awareness? To build brand engagement?

Co-branded Merchandise can make a big impact on these targets and more but be sure you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve and the ROI you expect. This can vary wildly based on both the value of your average sale as well as the lifetime value of a customer.

For example, offering a personalized Yeti or RTIC tumbler for attending a meeting is a powerful tool for B2B sales where the average transaction or annual transaction makes the cost of the give-away irrelevant compared to the value of the customer. But giving away a Yeti or RTIC cooler might be cost prohibitive. MSP Design Groups marketing experts can help you identify the products that best fit your goals.

Tip 4: Consider unique brands

Sometimes a more exclusive and lesser-known brand can power a response. If your brand is focused on precision, MSP Design Groups exclusive arrangement with Tactical Distributors brings you unique apparel brands such as MTHD or Battle Briefs, that carry shared brand equity along with exclusiveness.


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Co-branding opportunities are a great way to enhance your marketing efforts, especially when the business environment gets more challenging. Do you have more questions about promotional marketing co-branding? Reach out to your MSP Design Group sales rep or click here to contact us!

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