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Weddings can be a wonderful occasion to celebrate the love of two individuals and the start of their new lives together as one. Without friends and family, it can be difficult to pull off a wedding, as everyone needs that support system to help them get all the tasks complete, as well as enjoy the time together. Not to mention, keep the bride from having a stress meltdown during the planning process. If you’re trying to find the perfect way to tell your bridal party, and parents, thank you, check out our monogrammed gift ideas for wedding parties. These are fun options that can be used by them over and over again.

These monogrammed gift ideas for wedding parties are items that can be used for more than just the wedding weekend. After all, gifts with your wedding information on it is nice, but it’s even nicer to custom monogram these gifts for each person, that way they feel they can use it on vacation or during their everyday lives.

  1. Tote bags. Everyone loves a good tote bag whether heading to the beach or the pool or even just out running some errands. This is a great way to encourage your bridal party to be eco-friendly and use less plastic bags, while also giving them something they’ll love to carry around. Choose it in their favorite color to make it irresistible.
  2. Tumblers. We all need to stay hydrated, so why not let your bridal party do so in a fun way? Personalized tumblers are a great gift, you can easily add a monogram, maybe even a bow, and they can then use this every single day. Just make sure they hand wash it so the monogram doesn’t come off.
  3. Coffee cups. Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee and tea, especially when the mug has your initials on it. With this, you can choose a standard white mug with everyone’s monograms or you can customize it to have different colors per person.
  4. Compact mirror. Ladies, this is a must-have in your purse, so why not monogram it to give it a special touch? This can be a wonderful small gift that can be used every single day.
  5. Monogrammed button down shirts. This is a great item that is functional for the wedding day, and after. For the day of, wearing this shirt will make it simple to change into the dresses after hair and makeup, while still giving everyone a uniform look, and they can wear the shirts over and over again since the only thing is a monogram on the front.
  6. Monogrammed jewelry boxes. This can be a wonderful gift for your girls to help them store their jewelry at their house. It’ll also be a special reminder of the times you shared together, including the big day.
  7. Towels. Monogrammed bath towels are another great way to give them a meaningful gift that will be used more than one time.

All of these monogrammed gift ideas for wedding parties can be used over and over again, and not just for special occasions, making them functional and fun. Choose the best colors for your girls or stick with the colors of your wedding to tie all the gifts together.

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