When looking for ways to solidify your business or brand in the mind of consumers, a giveaway is a great go-to for any company. While promotional gifts are nothing new, the use of technology-based giveaways continues to grow as a trend. Let’s take a look at the top tech giveaway trends to help you leave a lasting impression with customers.

1. Microfiber Towels

When looking at tech giveaway trends, microfiber towels are always a big hit. This type of custom swag is ideal because you can easily put your company logo on one side which still leaves the other side of the towel fully usable. These towels can be used to wipe down screens on laptops, phones, and tablets which makes them a versatile item your customers are sure to use. Best of all, they will think of your company with each use!

2. Bluetooth Speakers

Everyone loves a Bluetooth speaker! They are convenient and make listening to music easier than ever. When you want to give out some customized promo items that are sure to sport your logo proudly with daily use, Bluetooth speakers are a great choice. They come in a range of sizes, colors, and options all while displaying your company logo or name to keep your business fresh in the minds of consumers.

3. Power Banks/Chargers

Another important technology giveaway people really enjoy are power banks. Power banks are a must-have when phones or tablets need a little boost throughout the day. With your logo splashed across the power bank, your customers will think of your brand with every charge!

4. Pop Sockets

One of the most undeniably popular tech giveaway trends is a pop socket. These little giveaways help people grip their phone so they don’t drop them. With the ability to customize these items with your company colors, logo, or name, your customers will always think of your business daily since we all use our phones every day.

5. Laptop Bag/Sleeve

When looking for tech giveaway trends that are on the bigger side, a laptop bag or laptop sleeve really goes the extra mile. It gives customers an item they are sure to use on a regular basis while keeping your logo front and center. This is especially ideal if your business is in certain industries or caters to students.

6. Custom Flash Drives

A flash drive is an important item for most people. Whether for work or school, this little item holds important documents and information for safekeeping. With custom flash drives, your company can stay front and center in a convenient way for the technology-focused consumer of today. You can even create a custom two-dimensional flash drive that showcases your business in a truly fun, memorable manner.

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