It’s that time of year when planning for the fourth quarter becomes extremely important, especially when recognizing employees for their efforts, and showing appreciation to clients for allowing you to be a part of their business. With supply chain and shipping challenges a part of life in 2022, it’s important to plan ahead of the Holidays to make sure your corporate gift-giving efforts deliver delight instead of disappointment.

In this article, we share how creating a streamlined corporate gifting program using a pop-up shop can help your company stay connected with your clients, while also enhancing your company’s corporate culture while keeping your budget under control.

How Can I Create a Streamlined Corporate Gifting Program?

You can create a streamlined corporate gifting program through the use of a pop-up shop.

With a pop-up shop, you create happy customers, employees, and influencers who all get their gifts on time. It consolidates your orders, saves time and effort, and can save you dollars. It also keeps your brand looking sharp on the coolest swag and apparel.

Delivering On-Time and Within Budget

The practice of corporate gift-giving has changed over time. It’s become a way to foster and build connections between consumers and employees. Corporate gifts, unlike personal presents, need to strike a balance between personal sentiment and business professionalism. The greatest way to make the most of corporate presents is to give them a tastefully branded gift at the right time, in the appropriate way, and within a certain budget.

Branding Oversight

A streamlined corporate gifting program also helps to mitigate quality control issues within production caused by too many vendors with little to no oversight. These issues often appear when more than one person within a company makes orders for the same products, from different vendors. This can make it very difficult to manage a company’s brand compliance requirements due to differences in the quality of items delivered and the relative amount of brand oversight. These issues can also make it a challenge to track expenditures resulting in unnecessary costs.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a single resource that helps to ensure all products associated with your company are aligned to your company’s required branding specifications? One way to do this is by working with a company that can handle all of the details for you. This includes everything from curating a selection of gifts that align with your brand and budget, to storing and shipping the gifts, to managing any returns or exchanges. This can easily be done via an online pop-up shop.

MSP can create a pop-up shop for your company, streamline your gifting program, and make sure your brand is protected by providing oversight throughout the production and delivery process.

You can select from a wide variety of corporate gifts in our new 2022 Look Book, on our site, or talk to us to help curate the best options and value for your goals.

Contact us and one of our MSP Design Group Consultants can help you create a seamless corporate gift-giving program for your company.

When Should I Start My Corporate Gifting Program for the Holidays?

The earlier you start your corporate gifting program the better! This is especially true if you’re working with a company that can handle all of it end-to-end for you. The sooner you start, the more time they will have to source and ship your gifts.

One of the biggest challenges in having a corporate gifting program is ensuring that the gifts you have chosen will be of high quality and not damaged or delayed. The earlier you start your program, the more confident you can be that your gifts won’t get mangled by shippers being short of staff or delayed.

Get Started Today

Here’s what you’ll need to get started with an MSP Design Group pop-up shop:

  • Select the Products, or Have One of Our Experts Do It for You.
  • Set the Launch Date and Order Deadline with your Team
  • MSP Design Group Does the Rest

Contact us and one of our MSP Design Group Consultants can help you create a streamlined corporate gift-giving program for your company.


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