When it comes to customizing products to expand the reach of your brand, the world of technology offers a great way to stay fresh in the minds of consumers. We all use technology in multiple forms in our daily lives so it only makes sense to take the opportunity to brand a few tech products. Here are the top 10 products for tech-related items.

1. Power banks

When looking at the top 10 products for tech, there is no denying the importance of a power bank or wireless charger. This is an item that is sure to get used while also representing your brand on the go.

2. Phone cases

People take their phones with them everywhere they go which means your brand could be on the move. Phone case are a great technology item to show off your logo or brand while giving something useful to employees and customers.

3. Bluetooth speaker

Another great way to let people make the most of their phone while representing your brand is with a Bluetooth or wireless speaker. We even offer waterproof speakers which are great for spending a day by the pool or beach so your brand can truly go anywhere!

4. USB

A USB is one of the smaller but more useful tech items you can brand with your company name or logo. This item gives users a way to save information while keeping your brand fresh in their mind. It is also an affordable option that is easy to make.

5. Phone stand

A phone stand is great for hands-free viewing or listening to music. It can also be a great way to get your brand out and about town. You can even customize them to match the company colors for an extra bit of cool branding.

6. Selfie stick

We all love a good selfie from time to time. The only way to make selfies better is with a selfie stick branded with your company logo. These are great because they will go all over so your brand reaches even more people.

7. Earbuds with case

Everyone needs a good pair of earbuds they can take on the go. With your logo on the case of the earbuds and the earbuds in the color of your company logo, you can easily expand where your brand goes in a simple yet fun way.

8. Mousepad

A mousepad is an ideal choice for tech-related items. It is a useful item utilized daily for most people and allows your brand to stay fresh in their mind. This is also one of the more affordable and fun tech items since it can be done in full-color graphics on a large scale.

9. Laptop bag/sleeve

A laptop sleeve, bag, or even a larger backpack is a great way to imprint your company name on a product that is sure to get used instead of sitting in a closet collecting dust. These items are incredibly tech-friendly and help take your brand to new places.

10. Stylus pen

While it is a smaller tech item, it is still one of the more useful items. Ideal for use on phones, tablets, and touchscreen laptops for a range of activities, this is an item people will love using for their technology needs.

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