When it comes to partnering with a brand, you often think of the big brand names that everyone is already familiar with: Nike, Puma, JBL, North Face, and Under Armor – but why not look outside the box and be a bit different?

If you want to Boldly Grow your business, there are several unexpected brands worth looking into. From kitchenware to outdoor equipment – and anything in between – there’s an abundance of options that can really help you make connections with your audience in unique and unexpected ways.

From the Kitchen to the Outdoors, and the Office, these six unexpected brands may help your business Boldly Grow.


The Kitchen

For branding that’s sure to make a lasting impression with customers, why not bring your brand into their kitchen? Making use of products from companies like Lodge Cast Iron and CraftKitchen are a great way to give your branding an extra boost.

Think of how well-known chefs, restaurants and food brands have stuck in people’s minds just by being involved with cooking. For example, you can look at popular celebrities like Rachel Ray and Paula Deen that have been in the public limelight with their TV Shows. These celebrities have enhanced their brand even more by expanding it with a line of cookware. You can do something similar.

Imagine the possibilities when you have an iconic kitchen partner, who allows you to take your cooking expertise outdoors while also placing your brand into homes across the nation. Whether baking with a Lodge Cast Iron skillet or selling professional knives through Craft Kitchen, there’s no denying that pairing with these beloved brands is a recipe for success!

Lodge Cast Iron

Located in Pittsburgh, Tennesse, Lodge Cast Iron has been making heirloom-quality cookware and accessories since 1896.

Their cast iron’s skillet is easy to identify and is great for kitchen use, or over a campfire.

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Kitchen connoisseurs flock to Craft Kitchen for one-of-a-kind creations that are the envy of the whole block – and now, you can make it part of your brand too.

Put your brand on these following items, give them as gift sets, or even sell them to customers as part of your brand marketing efforts, the options are plenty.



CraftKitchen 14 Piece Cutlery Set

Item# 26109




CraftKitchen Baking Utensils & Bowl Gift Set

Item# 26405



The Outdoors

Traveling around the world and getting out in nature has been trending for years now, and more people are trying to make their mark with outdoor adventure-themed brandings. With more companies providing hybrid or work from home options, many employees may need the right equipment to maintain that flexibility, keeping their gear safe and secure while on the road.

Brands like Pelican and JanSport know travel and the outdoors, and their products reflect this effort by being both durable and reliable.


If you need reliable and long-lasting products, particularly if your employees or customers operate in the outdoors, consider Pelican – a brand focused on delivering exceptional durability. From Coolers and Tumblers to Cargo Cases and more, Pelican is another unexpected brand to work with.

Pelican was founded by scuba divers who began creating cases that were rugged, durable and built to keep the contents stored inside safely protected from water and dust. Their commitment to quality and vision are to Protect All That You Value. From first responders to photographers, many have relied on Pelican to protect their gear.

Do you have employees that travel a lot, especially with valuable equipment? Pelican is for your business, hands down.

Here are a few of their products:


Pelican™ 45QT Cooler WHITE

Item# 24045




Pelican™ 22oz Dayventure Tumbler

Item# 33016




Pelican™ Air 1555 Protector Case™

Item# 24005





Employee swag has quickly become an important part of the modern office, and despite the ever-evolving nature of the workplace, the office is no longer limited to just being indoors. Working outdoors or participating in outdoor experiences are becoming an important part of corporate culture. For those companies that have remote or hybrid employees, or even those companies that cater to customers who love the outdoors, JanSport has some great products available to co-brand with.

From classic backpacks to hiking gear, their iconic style will last through any adventure, while also giving your employees a stylish way to promote your business. JanSport is trusted by outdoorsmen across the country, so partner up and enjoy the ride!

This JanSport® SuperBreak® Backpack is a great choice for employees, making sure their laptops are safe and secure and helping them to stay organized when working in the office or remotely.

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The Office

From pens to use on paper to notebooks without paper, both Uni-ball and Rocketbook provide both the standard branding options of putting your logo on a pen, to making a statement to reduce your carbon footprint.


Uni-ball is renowned for its dependability and accessible elegance; therefore, providing perfect opportunities to co-brand your business and make sure that everyone has a piece of it in their hands as they go about their day.

Here are a couple of pens to quickly add your brand to:


uni-ball® Jetstream Elements

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uni-ball® 207 Gel Pen

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Looking to reduce your company’s carbon footprint by reducing paper waste? Then Rocketbook may be the right company for you to partner with.

Rocketbook believes that big ideas don’t have to be single-use. Their sustainability efforts with their reusable notebooks and planners combined with the power of the cloud will not only help reduce waste but help your business be ready well into the digital future.

With products that allow you to handwrite notes and save them easily to the cloud, you can keep your doodles and documents flowing with the following items:



Rocketbook Fusion Executive Notebook Set

Item# 0911-31




RocketBook Letter Flip Notebook Set

Item# 0911-18




Reach out to your MSP Sales Representative

Stand out among the competition and make an unforgettable impression by teaming up with these established, trusted brands. Co-branding with them can open a world of unexpected possibilities to Boldly Grow your business. Get in touch with your MSP Sales Representative right away – you never know what prospects may arise from this fruitful partnership!


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