The Magic Moments Marketing Expo on May 9th was the place to be if you wanted to stay ahead of the game and keep up with the latest promotional marketing trends. We wanted to share some amazing magic moments from that beautiful day, including a few of the top creative products that caught the eyes and imaginations of all who were in attendance.

This year’s event was held at the Back Bay Brewhouse: Farmhouse on a beautiful May day.

While the tents and tables lined the pathways to welcome our guests, the big top tent featured exhibits from the leading manufacturers of promotional products and apparel. Expert MSP Design Group staff were ready to greet our guests and assist them in curating the best experience possible.

Business leaders from all around the mid-Atlantic networked and connected to learn more about the latest promotional products, get some added insights and be inspired with new ideas.


Best in Show Picks: Our Top 10 Favorites

There were thousands of products at the event to choose from for this list, here are our top 8 trending products that stood out from the rest.

The Exclusive

Every attendee received a beautiful Gildan Softstyle shirt featuring a silkscreen design in MultiCam®. If you work with the military or SWAT teams, you know that MultiCam® is the premier camouflage pattern used around the world.  MSP Design Group is now the exclusive silk screen apparel provider licensed by MultiCam®. The unique design possibilities created by MultiCam® are endless and are already being rolled out by businesses and teams from restaurants and bars to outdoor sports. See your brand in MultiCam®. Only from MSP Design Group.

The Eye Catcher

5D Coasters – these coasters prompted people to take a 2nd look. This unique application – very difficult to see in a photo – creates a three-dimensional effect that really stands out. With applications as different forms of branded merchandise (coasters, luggage tags, bottle openers) and integrated into retail point-of-sale displays or signage, 5-D printing is an incredible way to make your brand stand out.


The Pocket Storyteller

Microfiber cleaning cloths work well for removing organic matter (dirt, oils, and grease) as well as germs from surfaces. However, add your message to this cloth, and now you have a conversation starter wherever you go as soon as you clean your glasses, or computer screen or phone. Take a look at what we’ve done with this simple tool, telling our brand story in a handy item that people always keep with them. This is great for businesses and universities too. Anywhere you want to tell a story and keep it in front of your audience with this very affordable piece of 3-D advertising.

The Space Saver

Sunglasses are a necessity during the summer. However, they can clutter up the center console or glove compartment of your car. These space-saving sunglasses have arms that work like a slap bracelet. Smack them and they roll up, and it folds in half, taking up less room in a pouch or backpack. Wrap these around a steering wheel, so you never misplace them when you need them while driving. Then just straighten them out to look snappy and protect your eyes. Provides a clean, subtle opportunity for branding on the right arm.

The Stand Out

This Giant 40oz Tumbler keeps drinks hot or cold for a long time. But this 40oz Intrepid Stainless Steel Tumbler can be silk screened, or even laser engraved, all for a much more affordable price than similar name-brand tumblers (Although we can get those too! Just ask.). Definitely worth getting one personalized so you can stand out.


The Thirst Trap

It’s time to replace the ever-popular disposable red party cup with one that is more sustainable. And let’s face it – this option isn’t just reusable, it’s incredibly cool! It feels solid in your hands, and it just sounds cool when you set it down. Who knew the party cup could get an upgrade? Associate your brand with good times with the Steel Paty Cup!

The Sling Pouch

This was the little pack that could – the surprise hit of the expo. What’s old is still new, as imaginations went retro with this pouch, inspiring attendees to order this pouch for group events as well as for new employees and students. The Sling Pouch provides a lot of value for a modest investment. It includes a front zipper with a large pouch for keys, phones, whatever… and a small zippered pouch in the back for ID, credit cards, etc. Complete with an adjustable waistband and a sharp custom silkscreen imprint.

The Game Changer

This item takes your standard apparel to the next level. The Tap Tee takes RFID technology from its logistical and retail roots and creates an experience for the user that when connected to event planning software can enhance the onsite registration or check-in process.

It was also mentioned by an attendee that this technology can be used to help provide information about the wearer, which comes in handy for those who have special needs, or team members at an event who want to quickly share company information. The options are endless when you tap the NFC chip with your smartphone to launch a website, an app, a video, or social media post programmed with your unique experience. This tee truly changes the game of connecting you with your target audience. One of our guests suggested adding a MultiCam exclusive silk screen to The Tap Tee, and making it a part of their organization’s events, now that’d take the concept to a whole new level!


Each of these products created that opportunity to create a magic moment – where the audience can connect with a brand. Really showing the power of promotional merchandise to inspire engagement. Want to learn more? Reach out to an MSP Design Group brand curator today!

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