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In search of the perfect t-shirt size? Picking the right shirt size for your body type and proportions can prove challenging. If t-shirt sizes were standard, you would be able to pick up a medium shirt in one store, and it would be the same exact size as a medium shirt in another store. However, t-shirt sizes are rarely created equal. In this guide, we will explain the most important factors to keep in mind when choosing the right t-shirt size. With a little bit of guidance, you will be able to find the best solution for your body that fits and feels comfortable for any occasion.

Choosing the Right T-Shirt Size

Follow these helpful tips to find the perfect t-shirt size every time!

Size/Tightness: A t-shirt that fits correctly shouldn’t be too tight nor too loose. If it is too loose, it may be unflattering and make you look boxy. If it is too tight, you may not be able to move as freely and you run the risk of putting seams under stress. Find a t-shirt that drapes just as it should, with some extra room but not so much that you’d be swimming.

Shoulder Seams: Although this may not be so obvious, the shoulder seams provide a reliable way to tell how well a shirt fits you. Ideally, these seams should reach to the point where the end of your shoulder meets the top of your arm. If these seams reach below that point, the shirt is too big. If they don’t reach that point, the shirt is too small.

Sleeves: The sleeves of a well-fitting t-shirt should extend about halfway down your upper arm. If you are taller than average or you have very long arms, you can wear sleeves that are slightly longer, as this will still look proportional.

Length: The bottom hem of a t-shirt should not land any higher than your hips, otherwise, it is too small. The bottom hem should also be able to cover the waistband of your pants and extend a few inches past that point. Try raising your arms to see whether the t-shirt rises too far and reveals your midsection, as it will look more like a crop top than a shirt.

Shape: To avoid looking boxy and wearing something unflattering for your body type, you should look for a t-shirt that follows the lines of your body. There are many shapes to choose from, including rectangle, oval, trapezoid, and more.

At MSP Design Group, we offer a wide selection of t-shirt sizes and styles to choose from. We also provide a long list of customization services that will allow you to design your own one-of-a-kind t-shirts for any occasion. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about choosing the right t-shirt size or our selection of branded apparel.

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