Every business and company has a unique vision and mission statement. What your company will do, and how you will do it are important messages to share with your audience, employees, and customers. Your company’s mission is essential to combat mission-culture dissonance. Mission-culture dissonance can ultimately harm morale, customer service, and your company overall. Occasionally, brands can become diluted if not damaged by inconsistency.

How do you prevent mission-culture dissonance within the workplace and share your company’s mission simultaneously? Signage!

But that may also lead to confusion about how signage reflects your company’s mission precisely and why does it matter? If you’re wondering how everything connects, we’re happy to help try and demystify it all for you.

What is Company Culture?

Company culture is the shared values, attributes, and characteristics of an organization and its employees. It can be observed how an organization’s employees interact with one another, the values which they hold, and the decisions they make. Company culture covers a wide array of elements that include the work environment, a company’s mission, leadership style, values, ethics, expectations, and goals.

Company Culture Benefits

  • Cultivating a great company culture and mission has a positive effect on businesses from the inside out. When consumers know that a business treats workers well, they tend to continue supporting that business. Stellar company culture leads to a fantastic reputation which is as valuable as happy employees.
  • It is crucial for employees to be healthier and happier in their workplace. Having a company culture most often leads to workers enjoying their work.
  • Employees’ needs and values are consistent with the company, promoting harmony and clarity.
  • Employees who work at a job where the culture is a great fit tend to develop better relationships with their coworkers and are more productive.
  • Company culture affects employers as well. Workers that fit in well with company culture are more likely to not only be healthier and happier but more productive and innovative with their work.
  • Employee loyalty. When a worker fits in well with a company’s culture and mission, they are more likely to want to stay with the company.

Why Your Company’s Mission is Essential

Creating and having a company mission is a statement that unifies the efforts of all employees toward a long-term goal. Sometimes, departments or teams within a company may develop more specific missions that focus on their unique function within a company, but overall, the company-wide mission remains. A company statement should be broad enough that every employee can relate to the main idea of that mission. The mission itself should communicate that company’s values to their community, generating interest in the solutions that the company creates.

Having a company mission is important for many reasons. A few crucial examples:

  • Creates identity
  • Attracts talent
  • Guides culture
  • Develops purpose
  • Improves performance
  • Builds community
  • Envisions the future
  • Aligns behaviors
  • Encourages critical thinking

Your company’s mission is what defines its purpose while also instilling a sense of belonging and identity. It provides a direction to help guide your company to an end goal while making precise and efficient decisions toward that goal. It is also a focal point that allows company culture, aligning everyone in a company to a singular purpose.

Without a company mission, there is no clear end goal. Without an end goal, how does a company survive, and to what purpose are the employees working? Additionally, how do your customers know what solution you are providing and how they support that solution?

As you can see, having a company mission is a crucial aspect of any business.

How Signage Reflects Your Company’s Mission

So, how does signage come into company culture, fighting dissonance, and reflecting your company’s mission?

Displaying your company’s mission or mission statement on signage, whether around the workplace or elsewhere, provides a deeper understanding of what a business stands for. The “why” for a company’s existence becomes clearer, honing in on the key things that express most vibrantly who your company is, and in turn, what your company culture is all about.

Communication theory tells us that we have to communicate what we want them to know at least 8 times before our message is heard and wholly understood. That means whether you have a mission already or are about to create one for your company, it is important to share it! Signage is one of the most versatile and most accessible means to share that mission. What sort of signage would you use? Great question. Here are some fantastic ideas!

  • Spirit flags. These flags are a fun and joyful means to decorate a workplace environment and the first impression for new employees and customers alike. Communicate a short company mission statement and logo and bolster team spirit.
  • Menu boards: not just for the food! A menu board is a chic-looking addition that can display creativity and reflect your company’s mission quickly with a wide range of versatility to adapting to that mission whenever needed.
  • Banners. Whether it is a large banner display kit or pennants, you can brighten a workspace with vibrant color, exciting graphics, and your company’s mission in clever ways.
  • Wall kits. Wall kits are available in an extensive range of sizes. They are a valuable addition to print gorgeous graphics, your company’s logo, and the mission statement beautifully without the cost of renovating or painting space on your own.

In addition, these ideas of signage that reflect your company’s mission are often lightweight and easily portable, making it simple to rearrange them where you need it or to take them with you for company events, retreats, or teamwork exercises.

At MSPDesign Group, we believe by investing in and aligning your company’s culture, you’ll begin to build a happier, healthier workplace, a more recognized brand, and enjoy overall a better outcome with a more robust community. It is one of our missions to ensure that we can help you empower your company, business, and brand for a more incredible experience. If you’d love to learn more about how signage reflects your company’s mission, feel free to reach out to us today!

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