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At MSP Design Group, our team has more than 30 years of experience in printing and promotional services, which means that we know what it takes to design and produce branded products that perfectly represent your company’s unique message. Whether you are simply looking for more information about our screen-printing process or you are weighing the options of producing promotional products in-house, it is important to recognize all that goes into planning for a production run. In this article, we further explain some of the necessary screen-printing supplies that we use to produce professional-quality and vibrantly printed apparel that can increase and inspire any brand’s customer base.

Necessary Screen-Printing Supplies

  • Press: A manual or an automatic machine that regulates printhead placement and color distribution of the design.
  • Flash Cure Unit: A type of diagnostic equipment that allows you to perform spot healing and quickly cure plastisol inks.
  • Exposure Unit: A piece of equipment that shines light on an emulsion-coated screen and exposes or burns the screen.
  • Belt Dryer: A piece of equipment that contains infrared heat panels used to cure the freshly printed ink on garments.
  • Washout Booth: A type of filtration system used to properly dispose of chemicals, emulsion by-products, and inks.
  • Pressure Washer: A piece of equipment used to remove the stencil and contaminates from mesh and reclaim screens.
  • Screen Rack: A rack or cart used to store and transport screens as they dry as well as squeegees and other tools.
  • Scoop Coater: A device used to coat screens with emulsion and expose them to UV light in order to create a stencil.
  • Squeegee: A tool used to achieve a heavier deposit of ink when printing on heavier substrates or with specialty inks.
  • Screen: A piece of mesh equipment used to transfer ink onto a substrate and produce a multicolored image or design.
  • Scrubby Pad: A small pad of metal or plastic mesh used to scour substrate surfaces, loosen emulsion, and more.
  • Spray Bottle: A container used to apply chemicals, such as emulsion, remover, and degreaser, to various substrates.

As you know now, there are many necessary screen-printing supplies to consider and compare before you can perform a successful production run. Our production facilities house automatic presses, manual presses, and cutting-edge printing machines, allowing us to produce over one million shirts per year for a wide variety of clients. If you would like to learn more about our screen-printing services or facilities, please contact us today.

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