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When it comes to creating custom apparel for branding your business or promoting a special event, you should always go big with a bold design. There are so many ways to help your clothing stand out from the crowd. Unique ink treatments make it possible for you to add a little pizzazz to your custom apparel. We specialize in a wide variety of printing methods and can conjure up some special effects for shirts. Check out some of our favorite treatments for inspiration!

Special Effects for Shirts

Foil: Are you trying to design an eye-catching shirt? You can never go wrong with foil. Colored foil transfers are created by combining printed adhesive with heat-transferred foil leaves. Once the garment is cured, the sheet of foil is cut to the approximate size and adhered to the shirt using a heat press. Foil treatments work best with 100% cotton garments and solid graphics, but they have no garment color restrictions.

High Density: Does your design primarily consist of a font or a solid graphic? Volumizing or dimensional ink can help that design pop. A high-density treatment is applied in layers to create a three-dimensional print that adds depth and texture to the graphic. High-density is compatible with 100% cotton garments and has no garment color restrictions.

Metallic Inks: Metallic treatments can give garments a subtle shine without the reflectiveness of foil transfers. There are a wide variety of metallic ink colors to choose from and this treatment can work on any fabric, but it is not recommended for run-off prints.

Natural Discharge: Looking for a soft ink option to complete your black and dark shirts? Natural discharge is the softest option available for darkly colored garments. This treatment creates an off-white, bleached-out color with discharge agents leaving the graphic area completely void of any ink, but you should expect some color variation in the final product. Discharge is only available for 100% cotton garments and is not recommended for run-off prints.

Puff Inks: There’s nothing people love more than a throwback t-shirt. Puff inks are reminiscent of the 1980s, when shirts featured fluffy, raised graphics. This treatment is achieved by adding an additive to plastisol inks so it stays puffed and puff inks are a cost-effective alternative to high-density inks or super gels. This throwback treatment can be used on any garment and has no color restrictions.

Retro Effect: Everyone loves soft, vintage-feeling fabrics, but you can take your retro shirt collection to a whole new level by incorporating a vintage-inspired design from the 1970s, 1980s, or 1990s. The retro effect is achieved by combining plastisol inks with clear foil and glitter to create a blast from the past with an update in quality. This faux heat transfer method can work on any fabric and has no garment color restrictions.

Super Gels: Looking for a fun ink treatment that will add some definition to your design? Gels can be used as a transparent or colored overlay. When tinted, the gel turns into a raised ink with a texture similar to that of hard jelly. Clear gels look watery and slick. Super gels are perfect for 100% cotton garments and have no garment color restrictions.

Hopefully this list of special effects of shirts has proven to you that anything is possible when it comes to custom apparel. At MSP Design Group, we have over 30 years of experience in design and printing. Our dedicated designers can help you turn your vision into a reality. Contact us today to learn more about our services and request a quote!

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