person scooping pink plastisol ink out of a bucket

There are a lot of different options when choosing custom swag. When choosing the right branded promotional items for your needs, there are a few trends to know about colors and texture. Here are the top 10 hottest colors and textures on the scene today.

1. Aquatic blue

Blue is always a popular color for promotional custom gear, but aquatic blue is certainly at the front of the color pack. This tranquil color is pleasing to the eye and brings to mind the ocean for an added appeal. It works well for a range of products and industries, but it is especially well suited to anything relayed to the beach, ocean, or summer.

2. Navy blue

Another blue making the list is navy blue which offers a darker take on the blue color family. This darker color is more intense than lighter blues which makes it ideal for more serious businesses looking for a professional edge in their promotional materials.

3. Neon pink

While pink is always a popular color, neon pink is a trend here to stay thanks to the liveliness of the hue. With its noticeable, vibrant appearance, neon pink is great for summer promos but also promotional items where you want to grab the eye of the customer right away year-round.

4. Yellow

Another lively color that is making a comeback is yellow. This color is vibrant and easy to see when a lighter shade of yellow is used while darker shades of yellow can be used for other promo items. A good reason to use yellow in your promotional items is because yellow is a color that encourages people to spend their money. This is why so many sale signs are written in yellow print.

5. Red

Another color that is tied to spending habits is the color red. Red is especially useful when used in restaurants promos since the color red inspires appetite. This is a great hue for a range of uses other than restaurants because it is a staple color and back on trend.

6. Pebble texture polos

The first texture on our list of color and texture trends, pebble texture is commonly seen in polo shirts. This pebble texture is a nice change from smoother surfaces so the shirt has a bit of texture but is still soft and comfortable to wear.

7. Silk touch polos

Another texture trend making the list is the silk touch material found in select polos for promotional wear. This is a soft, silky texture that is always a nice way to mix things up from coarser textures in a polo.

8. Charcoal gray

Charcoal gray is a color that is on the rise in terms of trends. This color offers a sophisticated appeal and acts as a staple color to more vibrant ones to create better balance. It also works well as a background color for written words to make it easier to read.

9. Dark green

The use of dark green is a nice twist on traditional dark colors such as black. It still gives the appeal of a darker color but with a touch of vibrancy thanks to the green tones. This color is ideal for a range of custom promotional items.

10. Clear vinyl

This is more of a texture than a color, but it is still a popular trend. Commonly used in tote bags, this texture is fun to touch and easy to care for which makes it a top texture trend on our list. Clear vinyl promo bags are also a great idea because they meet stadium security policies so sports fans can take your brand to a wider audience just by attending the game with your bag!

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