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Whether it is your first time or you are a seasoned trade show attendee, setting up a trade show table can be stressful for anyone. As most business owners know, exhibit booths play an important role in the grand scheme of any marketing strategy. Exhibiting your products or services at a trade show can significantly increase brand awareness as well as help you gain industry contacts, generate leads, and take advantage of direct sales opportunities. Getting noticed in a busy and crowded convention center can be tricky. Luckily, this guide will teach you the basics about trade show table setup in order to help you create a compelling display that gets people talking about your booth and your brand.

Guide to Trade Show Table Setup

How are you supposed to attract new customers and create buzz about your business when the typical trade show is crawling with attendees on their smartphones, trying to avoid eye contact, or walking past every booth? Check it out!

Games: Talking to prospects all day at a trade show can be tedious and most attendees tend to gravitate toward tables that look fun or welcoming. You can leverage the powerful spirit of competition by showcasing a game at your table that attendees are sure to enjoy, such as corn hole, golf putting, a spin on the prize wheel, or trivia.

Giveaways: Is your swag game on point? Promotional products are essential to the success of your trade show table, but you should avoid giving away generic items that attendees receive all too often or rarely use. Instead, give away promo products that double as valuable opportunities for you to build brand recognition with little to no effort.

Quizzes: Games and mind sports that challenge attendees and put their knowledge to the test can be very rewarding for your trade show table. Whether you decide to quiz them about the event, your brand, or the products and services you provide, the experience should be both entertaining and engaging in order to leave a lasting impression. Incentivize attendees and make it a positive experience by giving out prizes, such as branded shirts, hats, or coffee mugs.

Signage: Put those banners, signs, and POP displays to good use but be wary of any space limitations. Printed signs are easy to hang from piping or you can easily display them using banner stands or the tabletop in your booth.

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