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Want to make your booth as successful as it can be at the next trade show? Exhibiting at a trade show offers all sorts of benefits, most importantly the opportunity to generate leads. However, exhibiting comes as a steep investment as well as a drain on your company’s resources and time. Strategically planning your trade show booth, display, or exhibit in advance will improve your chances of increasing your return on investment. Hopefully these trade show tips help you find the secret recipe to networking and ensure you have a successful trade show overall.

Our Top Trade Show Tips and Tricks

  • Outline your objectives before the show. What do you hope to gain by exhibiting at a specific trade show? You can’t create tangible goals and expect growth without first determining what success looks like for your company. Identify your target audience and follow up with contacts from years past to let them know about the industry event.
  • Be sure your trade show booth stands out. In the hustle and bustle of a trade show, you have to get creative in order to differentiate your display from the hundreds of other displays. You must create an energy or atmosphere around your booth that is simply irresistible to passersby. You might try incorporating a game, a quiz, or a different attention grab than just a sales pitch.
  • Share booth news and updates in real time. Leverage your social media presence to engage your audience at the trade show and beyond. Find out what the event’s designated hashtag is and use it to your advantage while posting photos, promotions, questions, teasers, and updates about your company’s experiences at the trade show.
  • Get your giveaways and promotional items ready. Building brand recognition has never been easier than with giveaways and promo items that trade show attendees need or rarely receive. Trade show swag is essential to advertising your products or services with little effort. Though you need to be sensible about the budget for branded items and freebies, you can still impress customers, prospects, and competitors alike with unique promo items that get everyone thinking. Keep the goodies out of arm’s reach, so you get the chance to interact with attendees first.

We hope these trade show tips and tricks give you a head start on your trade show strategy and a competitive edge when it comes to exhibiting at the event. MSP Design Group proudly offers a vast selection of branding and promotional services that can help you put your company’s trade show booth on the map and in front of the right audience. If you have any questions about this article or would like to learn more about our printing services, please feel free to contact us by calling 1-800-899-5416 or emailing [email protected] today!

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